3 of the Best Sounding Weird Engines

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I like an engines that make a good noise. I don't care how much power it makes, how many cylinders it has, or where it's made as long as the thing sounds good I'm on board. As it turns out engines with unique configurations sound even better, don't believe me? Keep on reading.

#3 The Mazda Wankel Rotary Engine

The rotary engine found in select Mazda sports cars like the RX-7 and RX-8 gets a bad rap for reliability issues and poor fuel consumption. Move past these flaws and you find a high revving engine that loves to shoot flames and produce sounds no other engine can make. If you need proof please click on the below video and prepare your ears for greatness.

#2 The Audi 5-Cylinder

The world is full of straight-6s and inundated with inline-4s but 5-Cylinders never really caught on. The 5-cylinder proved to be too expensive and complex to produce cost, and too big to fit in a traverse layout in most cars. That didn't stop Audi from using it in some of their highest performance vehicles and legendary rally cars of the 1980's.

#1 VW VR6

The VR6 is an oddball engine spawned out of need to fit more cylinders into an engine bay designed to fit an inline-4. The extremely narrow angle V6 engine features staggered pistons but has the same firing order as an inline-6. This strange engine produces noises that will make most car enthusiasts weak in the knees.

Honorable mention is our project V70R's Inline-5

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  • And the VW g40 or g60? Goes like go-karts!!

    4 months ago
  • that Audi sounds like its got a juicy sharts issue.

    4 months ago
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