- Cayman GT4


Cayman GT4:

Everyone who some what likes cars has heard of the Cayman GT4. And I'm not hear to tell you anything new.

From the outside the Cayman GT4 takes the basic 981 shell and makes it look more purposeful yet even smarted than the GTS. Changes come with a new front bumper to house another radiator. The side intakes have grown slightly and gained some 'GT4' badging. The biggest change is that rear wing. Its not as big as the GT3 RS but its adjustable. It makes the GT4 look like a very tasty sports car. Also I'd like to point out that the yellow is not to everyone's taste but I think its fantastic. Oh and Sapphire blue is bang on to.

Inside it's got all the usual Porsche gubbins. This has its positives and negatives. The fact all Porsche's inside are the same makes it a very familiar environment. Everything works and its easy to navigate. However when you buy a limited edition Porsche you want the inside to look as fantastic as the exterior. Mind you there are a few things that I love about the GT4 interior that help you make it feel like an extra special driving focus environment. The biggest of these is the extra small steering wheel which was taken from the GT3 RS helping to make the car feel more agile and its wrapped in alcantara which I've never felt before. Secondly the carbon bucket seat, lifted straight from the GT3 RS. They're by far the best bucket seats I've sat in (besides race cars.) They hug you in all the right places, but if you haven't got broad shoulders then you may struggle to benefit from the wide shoulder supports.

Sport chrono, leather interior pack and carbon pack are on this GT4.

The Drive:

Upon getting into the GT4 you feel connected to that car. You get the true sport car feel and you step into the car. You sit so low in the chassis that upon looking out you see the arches which adds to the 'race car' feel. The sensation and the feels that come trough the seat when the flat 6 roars into life is extraordinary. But the sound is the overwhelming factor. That silky smooth emotional sound it intoxicating. The car is low. You sit low in the chassis but leaving the car park you hear the unmistakable sound of the car scraping the road. But one we got going the car make all the noises you want it to. The gearbox is direct and you can hear the rod moving gears around behind you. The way the car steers is something that you want all sports cars to have after you've experienced the GT4. Being mid engined you get a lovely balance point where the car is neutral and you can just adjust your steering angle with the throttle. This is something that may have been exercised around a quite roundabout or two...

Only way to launch a GT4 is have the revs at 4-5000 rpm and dump the clutch. Warning: Wheel spin is likely occur.

Once the roads started to open a bit more and we got out of the 30 speed limit the power felt delicious. Not so powerful you lose traction but its more than enough to push you back in your seat. The induction noise from the engine is something you have to experience to believe. Its joint first for the best sounding car I've ever had the chance to experience. The tyres on the car are the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's. The grip is the dry, for a road compound tyre, it ridiculous. Upon taking a roundabout a speed you don't feel the car unsettle and your organs move to one side you your body. Some crazy people on rennlist have managed to pull over 1.6G! I've heard that the tire performance falls off in the wet but for dry warm weather ... there's nothing else like it. One button that some people like and others don't like is the 'sport' button for the gearbox meaning it rev matches on downshifts and lesser known is it opens a thermostat meaning your engine runs nearly 30 degrees cooler. Sport works brilliantly but in traffic I'm not sure its needed but you want it because you hear the engine echo off the other cars and its glorious. One thing I did note was even on the crap roads we have in England the ride isn't too harsh despite the Motorsport setup (20 inch wheels and 30mm lower than a standard Cayman.)

GT4 compared to the GTS.

In summary the GT4 is a masterpiece of a car. It puts the biggest smile on your face and makes you feel sensations you wish all cars could give. After getting out of the GT4 you see why this car could be better than the 911.

Tech Specs:

Engine: 3.8L, flat 6 - 380hp @ 3700rpm.

Top speed: 183 mph

Weight: 1340 kg (wet)

Economy: 27.4 mpg

Price when new: £64,995

Pictures from Autocar and Car Throttle

Looks; attitude; exquisite chassis balance; price; 'that' manual gearbox

We have just bought a Racing Yellow Cayman GT4. Expect some content on Youtube.