3 Quarters and a minute of a Merciless Merc around Brands Hatch

32w ago
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- Real Racing 3

The tale dates back in 1989 when children were busy killing time on their gameboy while BMW decided to kill the competition with a juiced up version of the already juiced up M3 dubbed the Sport Evolution M3, Mercedes measuring the magnitude of bonkery packed in the M3 decided to Evolve. What they did was literally evolve their 190E by giving more power, a self levelling suspension, better brakes and a body kit which featured the lowest drag coefficient of a 4 door saloon at the time. 1990 saw a better Evolution simply called the Evolution II. The Evolution II had such an unearthly drag coefficient that BMW's R&D chief stated that "the laws of aerodynamics must be different between Munich and Stuttgart; if that rear wing works, we'll have to redesign our wind tunnel". Summing it all up together the 2.5-16 sounds like a bee on steroids and handles like a wasp in real world as well as in Real Racing.

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