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3 Spanish Sportscars you Didn`t know about.

Unfortunately spain never was a big player on the automotive industry, most of the time it makes boring cars as SEAT or trucks like Pegaso (already defunct) altough there are a few important manufacturers on the country there is no 100% made in spain brand that has achieved sucess worlwide, however there are a few spanish brands that pack a punch within them.

Altough some of the brands are relatively unknown, their exclusivity alone surprises along the technical innovations and impressive features, so If you tought there`s no spanish sportscar brands make sure to remember this post.

GTA Spano is a Valencian company that set out to fulfill the dream of creating something unique, an attack on the territory of supercars.

Domingo Ochoa defined his point of view as how a supercar should be, in 2010 the prototype of GTA Spano came to light and 2 years later the street model made its appearance, limited to 99 units and available in three versions (Coupè, Roadster and R version) and with a price around half a million euros the first units were sold to collectors in Saudi Arabia or Singapore.

However, it was decided that the first model of the GTA Spano was not good enough for what it already was, capable of reaching 100 in only 3 seconds and reaching 350 kilometers per hour., a pretty good first attempt in a company that had never built a supercar.

3 years passed and the updated GTA Spano model came out, this time completely changed from looks to heart.among the changes applied to the GTA Spano were that for the first time in the automobile industry the rare graphene material was used for the monocoque, the body fiber, and even the skin of the upholstery to lighten the weight considerably.

but what happened to the engine? well... they borrowed the V10 engine of the deadly fast Dodge Viper and squeezed a good amount of horses giving a double turbocharging to the engine resulting in 925 horsepower to the rear wheels with a maximum speed of 370 kilometers per hour (229,9mph)

From that point to the present day the GTA Spano has made multiple appearances on the media, from videogames like Forza horizon or Asphalt to movies like Need for speed.

so far this brand remains silent but still alive, ¿What will they be cooking behind the curtain?

For our next manufacturer of unknown Spanish sportscar Manufacturers we Have Tramontana which is a brand based on Gerona that also happens to pursue the dream of creating a supercar for more than a decade, In 2010 Tramontana shown to the world it`s first project... The Tramontana R, a supercar with two seats lined in tandem, adding to the crazy design the occupants are enveloped by a cannopy that resembles of fighter jets and behind them a 6.2 Liter Twin Turbo V12 made by Mercedes reaching 720 horsepower rests behind, tied with a 6 speed secuential gearbox and rear wheel drive the Tramontana R is capable of reaching 344kph (213,752mph) and reach 60mph in less than 3.6 seconds at the cost of half a million.

However Tramontana wasn`t satisfied with this beastly creation and went with a more radical approach to the concept of a supercar 2 years later, and so the Tramontana XTR was born.

To begin on the XTR the bodywork received a severe overhaul in order to become more aerodynamic and it`s agresiveness increased as well, the tandem seat layout remains with the iconic Jet figher canopy styled dome, but in this case the Twin turbocharged V12 engine becomes a V10 and gets 5.5 Liters of displacement and develops 888 horsepower (Rumours say it could end up on the 1.000hp mark) and 920 N/m of torque, combined to the 1.270kg of total weight the Tramontana XTR can propel itself to 60 in less than 3.3 seconds.

So far nobody knows a lot about this last car, could it be as fast as it`s predecessor? or even faster?

To finish our article we have a manufacturer of luxury sports cars, known as Tauro sport is a Spanish manufacturer of luxury sports cars founded in 2010 when a group of Spanish businessmen joined a British manufacturer of racing cars to form the company .

Its most popular model without a doubt it`s the Tauro sport V8 limited to 30 units that sits on the chasis of the Pontiac Solstice by equipping a 6.2-liters Chevy LS3 engine of the Chevrolet corvette making 440 horsepower pushing the torque to 586 N/m with the possibility of raising it to 530 horsepower., so far it is only known that it can reach a maximum speed of 300kph (186,411mph) but no figures on the 0-60 or even a nurburgring time yet.

The Tauro Sport V8 was available in four body style variants: Spyder, coupe, Saeta (takes its name from what was the first jet airplane manufactured in Spain in the mid-twenty century) or the rare Portago edition in honor of Marqués de Portago, Spanish pilot of F1 died in the Mille Miglia of 1957 when he was driving an Official Ferrari.

the Tauro Sport V8 isn`t a pretty popular sportscar sadly but it`s main markets are the EU, USA United arab Emirates and China

What do you think about these fantastic Spanish sports cars? Do you think they are wolfs in sheep's clothing? leave a comment below and remember to hit that bump button if you enjoyed this post!

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