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3 Things I need to achieve in 2019 as a car guy

Sunny Lam posted in Jdm

23w ago


2018 has been epic for me, it's my first year of joining DriveTribe and meeting all you lovely people. I've never thought of working at DriveTribe as a freelancer, or what we call it, a Moneyboxer.

Anyhow, for the start of 2019, I want to set myself some goals. As you might have expected, these are all car-related, so here goes!

1. Go to more car shows

Credit: Pagani China

People often crave on about the insane supercar scene in Hong Kong, and that's true for the most part, because we have the most new Paganis in the world.

Yet I've never found more than one of them. I'm not what's called a car-show type of guy, I like to sit and drive a car, and not stare at other's cars. But, I want to change that in 2019. Going to car shows and building relationships with all these lovely people sounds like fun and I at least want to try that. I may not end up liking it that much, but I'm going to try nonetheless.

2. Be more involved in the tuning scene

Credit: Jalopnik

I always loved the tuning scene, especially tuning JDM cars. However, having once put on some shocking BC coilovers on my old car, I was scared to ruin my car anymore. Therefore I've shelved the idea of modifying my car anymore.

I need to change that, because after putting on some lovely TRD suspension, turns out you can go low without sacrificing comfort. It's no longer a terrible thing to modify. I want to get involved in the tuning scene more (while staying within the horrendous HK laws of course), by upgrading the brakes, adding strut bars and things of that nature. I want to experiment for you guys, what works and what doesn't, and bring you my honest opinion with my pen, well my keyboard at least.

3. Buy and build my dream car - Spoon S660

Credit: Honda Japan

I've talked about how much I love the Honda S660 in my past articles, click here for why the Honda S660 is not a sports car, yet it's a great car nonetheless, and click here to read why the S660 is better than ever with some in-house modifications.

Credit: Speedhunters

Having gibbered all those articles in 2018, it's a real shame that I still haven't seen one, nor sat in one, let alone drive one. I want to do one step further, by buying an S660 with parts meticulously designed by the engineers at Spoon to make it more fun.

Credit: https://www.taiyakan.co.jp/shop/ikoma/tech/showcase/541988/

The whole package will feature an N1 exhaust which frees up the engine and perhaps more importantly, gives it the much needed noise. Also, several years reinforced parts such as a so-called 'stiff plate' and a pair of stiffer steering arms will be put on for a sharper turn-in. Lastly, to finish it off, the usual coilover setup, monocoque 4-piston calipers and a set of alloys (undecided as to what alloys to be put on at the moment, most likely TE37) wrapped around in sticky Bridgestones should set it off beautifully.

Credit: https://www.cockpit.co.jp/shop/arai/diary/62951/

Of course, it's currently still very much a plan now, but I'm working very hard towards the plan and I hope to finish it this year. If not then it'll be in next year's wish list. Will have to wait and see though.

One thing's for certain, 2019 is going to be a mad year, and I can't wait for what mayhem unfolds!

What do you plan to do in 2019? Tell us in the comments!