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3-Wheel Electric Cars that are Alternatives to Morgan 3-Wheel EV

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I read today a DriveTribe story that the Morgan 3 wheeler electric would not be going into production due to difficulties. I personally feel Morgan 3 wheeler electric should be brought back in the near future. However, I do love 3 wheel cars finding out that electric ones are out there interests me more, I made it a mission to find some. Here are 4 electric 3-wheel vehicles that I would purchase.

Please Note: Some have very interesting stories.

4: Electra Meccanica’s Solo

This is a practical one very practical for today’s world. It has a range of 100 miles, I know it’s less. It has a 82 horsepower engine which will do 82 mph and a 17.3 kWh battery which will charge 6 hours from a home power socket - your 110-volt home power socket (well the US of A has them). You do get a quick charge version as well with a J1772 connecter. Along with all of this you get keyless entry, bluetooth stereo, reversing camera, 285 litres of storage space, heated seat, heated mirrors, air conditioning, windshield wipers and other things you will find in any other car. One catch it has one seat. So if you are a solo lifestyle person or a person that does chores on solo and at the same time you do care for the environment this is a 3-wheeler for you. An affordable one as well - 15,000 US and you can get one with a $250 Deposite.

3: Sondors Electric Car Company

The creator of the company is Strom Sondors. He crowdfunded his company. Literally crowdfunded it. The results are really nice. You get a good looking 3 wheel all electric car. You can get a range per charge option on this car of 75, 150 and 200 miles. It designed with Gran Truismo style cars in mind. It is front wheel drive which improves stability (over rear wheel drive) and has an all - wheel drive optional upgrade.

It has a 3 unique features. Firstly, it’s price - $10,000 (US). Secondly, You order it online and it gets delivered to your door with an instruction manual, video and 24/7 tech support with a genius bar, and lastly, it has 3 seats - 2 in the front and one in the rear. The one in the rear can fit a person that is 6 ft tall. The prototype is out, but it does have regenerative braking, front trunk and more space in the back on the regular production models. Before I forget it does get registered as a motorcycle, mostly due to legal, legislative overly complicated stuff. All for 10,000 and whole new level of online shopping - will consider being a customer in the future, mostly because of the online shopping and the bragging I can do after.

2: Nobe 100

I have always wanted a cute vintage car. I don’t look like the guy who would want one and rarely ever admit to it. I bench 80+ kgs and love American Muscle cars, but, always wanted a cute vintage - Thanks to Nobe I can get one (in the future) - The Nobe 100 is European, founded in Estonia, by an Estonian businessman - Roman Muljat. Like the above Sondors - crowdfunded and if successful will see this car by 2020 for $34,000.

Now to the car it is truly amazing, just look at it. I would roll down the Strip in Vegas if I could right now. It has a range of 136 miles per charge - not close to a Tesla, but, it will do 60mph, seems now perfect for city cruising in Milan, Rome or some place classic - Paris maybe?. Like it the Sondors, it is has all wheel drive in 3 wheels available. But, I cannot stop drooling over the design. From the rear 3-wheel cars don’t look good. I will follow this car over an Aston Martin, it's that good. Don’t forget the white wall tyres - I am in love. With a car that looks classic and cute and in the correct location - life can be perfect.

1: The Vanderhall Edision 2 [Square] (I couldn’t find the square marking on the keyboard)

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the Vanderhall Venice Speedster and loved how good it is. This like the Venice is low rider, can fit two people, has a aluminium frame, pushrod front coil cover braking for the front wheels. It is front wheel drive. It has about 180 horses equivalent electric horsepower and can do 0-60 in 4 seconds. It’s 30 Kilowatt Lithium battery gives an estimated 200 miles charge on single charge. It's quite good like that. The interior has diamond stitched seats. With a USD 1,000 deposit you can reserve one. This by far is my favourite 3-wheeler from the bunch - it available now, reasonably priced (US $35,000), good performance and a good range.

I hope you liked the list, I surely loved them, in the future I hope to have one on the list. I would like to know if were to buy one, which one would it be. Let me know in the comments below.



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