3-wheel madness - the 12,000rpm Reliant Rialto monster

George Rogers' creation shows how the infamous 3-Wheelers from Reliant can be much more than just a joke...

This is a widebodied, CBR1000 Hurricane powered Reliant Rialto with 110hp/12,000rpm and is probably the quirkiest car we have presented on our channel (which is quite something given the amount of unique stuff we have shown) and a machine that even we had no idea about its existence before Retro Rides Gathering 2018.

Although we were the ones responsible for the guest car line-up, this machine simply appeared because George Rogers (owner, builder and driver) decided to participate on the event on its own and both our team and the public were amazed at the uniqueness of the concept and how capable this little thing was. So much so, that even the onboard footage is not of the greatest quality (as we did not have the chance to set it up), but hell, in the chance that we may never be able to feature this "monster" again, we had to share it too.

But for anyone curious about this Three Wheeled Demon, it was entirely built by Mr. Rogers (with some help from friends) and as is powered by an engine from a Honda CBR1000F Hurricane, which was dropped around six inches from the original position where the older engine was. It is completely stripped which means it weighs even less than the initial 500kg(!!!), with its interior being dominated by the Luke harness and Momba bucket seat, VR6 shifter and Honda Civic handbrake.

On the outside we can see how widened it was, all while using 13 inch Compomotive wheels and a BYC spoiler from a Lupo GTi. So all in all, the result of one man's dedication, creativity and above everything else, healthy "madness". And for that we can only be thankful, because in the end, hillclimbing is much more than just the big power builds or the Overall Winners. Its the motorsport for all that create and want to put their inventions to the test. And this Reliant and Retro Rides Gathering are some the best examples of that.

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Comments (16)

  • I read the title as 12K HP for some reason

      10 months ago
    • I did the same thing! Like what did they strap a rocket to it lol

        10 months ago
  • Jeeeez the noise it was making =150mph but it was doing about 40! 🤣🤣

      10 months ago
  • I bet that this car had stayed more time on its roof than on its own wheels

      10 months ago
  • 5his is the Edgar Hussein (Saddam a la Colombia) making its way to James May's house 😆😆😆... Haha!

      10 months ago
  • Where is this Hill climb? This looks like the course where the Stig drove a modified French hatchback and an Austin Sprite on behalf of James May to prove that old stuff is better than new stuff

      10 months ago