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2y ago


Driving the Huracan Spyder LP610-4 for 30 minutes in mid-winter heavy rain might not be ideal conditions to get the best from Lamborghini's latest V10 Spyder. This stunning black and gold ala JPS livery was not a disappointment. Quite the opposite, the cabin is comfortable, the seating position and view are spot on, pulling away and taking the first few miles with the ANIMA (Adaptive Network Intelligence MAnagement) in STRADA, this enables you to get a feel for the softest of the three settings allows you to get comfortable with the soft top bull.

Just so you don't forget you're in a Lambo

The Spyder feels compliant and tight on the roads we used for this brief 30 minute ride. Switch the ANIMA into SPORT and things sharpen, throttle response is quicker and the dampers stiffen, oh and the optional race exhaust gives the glorious V10 amplification which is pure theatre, cracks and pops reverberating off any near objects with you the pilot the conductor of the orchestra.

Quality cabin materials - Check the Red Starter Flap

Grip from the all wheel drive Huracan is comforting in these conditions, pushing on through roundabouts quickly you can easily control the grip through throttle and steering input, the car inspires confidence.

This is a supercar for driving all year round, any conditions. Come summer, roof down you will be privileged to have the power under your foot to experience possibly one of best sounding and last N/A V10'S the World will ever hear.

Digital Display - Great View for the Pilot

Lovely Lines

The Black and Gold works well - Subtle and Stylish

Is there a better all-rounder supercar that you can think of ?