'32 Ford Roadster

... all-wheel-drive.

3y ago

This all-wheel-drive classic '32 Ford Roadster has a big-cast Winter's quick-change in the front; an independent rear unit is made from the venerable Sprint Car round models. With no blueprints to go by - since the only all-wheel-drive Deuce known was the QuadraDeuce - the solution was to make a custom billet transfer case on the back of the ring and pinion, in front of the mammoth Boss motor.

To make room, a shorter LS-style snout was machined on the crank, and only one small belt for the alternator could be fitted. The 576ci Kurt Urban-prepped Jon Kaase Boss 9 engine sends power to a G-Force 5-speed transmission.

The aircraft-quality construction includes an all-Indy-style pushrod suspension, which required moving the Griffin radiator to the rear. Design, pivots and bearings are Indy units with billet rockers. Front coilovers and rear shocks are RideTech. With all-wheel drive and an extraordinary power-to-weight ratio, 0-60 acceleration is mind-blowing.

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