$3.5 Million Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Mansory Vivere

51w ago


Back in 2014, Mansory revealed a strictly limited edition Bugatti Veyron: the Mansory Vivere at this year's Geneva Motor Show. It is the most comprehensive Bugatti Veyron-based project Mansory have taken on. In this video you hear the brutal start-up sound from the 1001HP W16 engine and some driving sounds.

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Comments (3)
  • Useless anywhere with speed humps

    11 months ago
  • I know they go like hell.... but it STILL ain't pretty

    11 months ago
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    • I totally agree, I really don't understand the appeal of the car. Yeah, it goes really fast, but man, it's a brick.

      11 months ago


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