36 Corvettes will be sold after sitting in a garage in New York for 25 years

1y ago

I'm always conflicted when I read these stories. It's fascinating and sad at the same time. This is a valuable collection, both financially and emotionally, and you always end up wondering how this could happen. Anyway, long story short, these 25 Corvettes (ranging between 1953 and 1989) were acquired by German-American artist Peter Max Finkelstein. It is a sizeable and valuable collection and it includes a rare (only 300 ever built) 1953 1st gen Corvette. Peter Max bought the cars because he wanted to use for an art project but he then sort of forgot all about them. All 36 cars were later bought by the Heller and Splinder families in 2014, and they've either been fully restored or are being restored as we speak. The cars are going be sold at auction next year, with proceeds going to the National Guard Educational Foundation and other charities.

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