370z to g35/37? advice needed

    FROM 370Z TO G35/37? advice needed

    I sold my 2010 370z last year (picture taken at the Badlands National Park), it was a great car, lots of fun to drive. But after a couple years I found some issues, its not practical obviously with just 2 seats, the ride was very rough and I also found it very noisy. I am looking to purchase instead a G35 or G37 coupe and looking for advice, what year, what options? Is there any years to avoid in the G35/37 ?

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    • If your looking at G37’s try to find a G between the years ‘12 and ‘13, the older ones had valve gasket covers that leaked a lot of oil. Also as a recommendation, Infiniti made the G37 in ‘15 it’s called the Q40, you might find lower mileage cleaner examples of those instead of the older G’s

        6 months ago
    • I have a 09 g37s love the car to death, it's stylish and has a decent amount of power to poke the back end out and make you feel good. would have to say say with the stick just because I'm a purest.

        3 years ago
    • G37 u can drift and look dope all at once

        3 years ago
    • I've had 3 G37S and 2 Zs. 2 coupes. 1 HR35 sedan and 1hr z 1 VHR. I say get the g is an awesome ride. Get a z if you prefer to drift and or track :)

        3 years ago
    • I believe the 07 were one of the most powerful models but I could be mistaken, I've never heard anyone complain about a specific year of G so you should be safe to chose based off your own taste

        3 years ago


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