- 3D Build of a New Lamborghini Countach

3D Build of a Modern day Lamborghini Countach

From 2D TO 3D. Creating the Lamborghini Countach Concept in Rhino 3D

10w ago

Developing this concept from from a 2D idea into a Full 3D model. This video features the important step of creating the Blueprints for the 3D Model. I try to do this part well as it would save one tons of time later on. The video shows how I create the Blueprints in Photoshop and then import them to Rhino 3D.

Rhino 3D is used for the model. In this video I will do the first basic wire frame construction in 3D and in future videos, construction lines and surfacing and final rendering.

Rhino 3D I find has a very good user interface and allows one to quickly enter the world of 3D.

I plan to continue to show the complete build with a series of videos and will also keep everyone here updated with the progress. Below is part 1 and part 2 once again. Thanks.

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  • That is awesome!

      2 months ago
    • Thanks man. Trying to develop this further and find the balance between new and still having a link to the original

        2 months ago