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3rd gen Renault Kangoo is here!

6d ago


I won't lie to you about the fact that the Kangoo is far from being the most exciting car in the world. As a cube on wheels that does not release the slightest emotion, the Kangoo is an ordinary, boring and characterless utility vehicle. Despite everything, the Kangoo is the partner of many organizations. In France, the local police, the post office and many other artisans trust the small van. So inevitably, when the new generation comes along, it is interesting to take a look at it, just to sharpen personal curiosity.

The current Renault Kangoo / Photo Credits Renault

The future Kangoo, we already know it via the Kangoo Z.E concept presented on April 23rd. The prototype was a vehicle with a perfectly sculpted bodywork and bold lines. The car added a very ingenious lighting concept to this. The interior, bathed in screens, was also spectacular.

Renault Kangoo Z.E Concept / Photo Credits Renault

Today, the third generation Kangoo is displayed via a 3D image. The production model, presented in its basic version, is obviously less glorious than the concept with its jovial design. Both sheet metal rims and unpainted bumpers inevitably give a cheap look. The front end gains a more modern grille while the headlamps adopt the C-Shape light signature so dear to the brand. At the top of the windshield is an imposing black area that surely houses the automatic emergency braking system in addition to the traditional automatic headlights and windshield wipers.

Photo Credits leblogauto

The hood seems to be extended and lowered compared to the current model, an impression probably caused by the isometric viewing angle more suitable for design purposes. The 3rd gen Renault Kangoo will be presented in 2020 and will replace the current model that has been in existence for 12 years.