2y ago


Big box. Big bumper.

It's not exceptionally well known that the GX470 is a fancier version of the Toyota Prado 120 Series Land Cruiser. Most of the body, frame, drivetrain, etc. will interchange between the two.

Putting an ARB meant for the Prado on the front of the GX isn't unheard of. It requires some... trimming... to fit properly. What kind of trimming? Well, fender trimming. The ARB instructions aren't terribly difficult to follow and will suffice for the majority of the install.

Getting to this part was very easy. ARB instructions were on point.

Another point the ARB directions leave out is the removal of this bracing. I've highlighted it in orange.

There are two lines that must be bent. They are highlighted in yellow.

The fenders clear - now for the hood.

The GX470 hood and grill opens as once piece. A feature the bumper wasn't designed to cope with.

With some minor fitment and a total lack of concern for cutting a pristine bodied luxury vehicle, the bumper fit!

Sans fender flares.

I spent a good portion of time tweaking the fitment and trimming small portions off the fenders until I felt positive it fit perfectly. Make sure you are 1000% happy with the fitment of the bumper and go through the 'pinning' process listed in the ARB instructions. (ARB recommends leaving around 3/4-1" of air gap between body and bumper)

And to finish this bit up, a photo the Lexus doing not-lexusy stuff.

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