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1w ago


- Side note: This red Ford GT's plate number is "FCK CVID" which was the final icing on the cake.

I don't usually car spot and take pictures because most of the cars I see are your typical Porsche's and Audi R10's but this was a different story. Last weekend as I was on my way to do my weekly groceries, I spotted this red Ford GT and this was a rare occasion because I've never seen one up close. I decided to walk up close to the car only to notice a yellow Ford GT and in my head I thought "This couldn't get any better.." lo and behold, as I craned my neck to my left I saw this sleek black supercar and I immediately knew what it was. It was the latest Ford GT. I was giddy with excitement and I decided to take some photos since I know for sure this won't happen again.

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