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I've had some incredible experiences since working at DriveTribe. I've driven a Ferrari Dino, a Corvette C2 around Kensington, DK's Tokyo Drift 350Z, and a Jaguar XJ from London to Geneva to name but a few, but some of my article proposals have been completely rejected much to my dismay.

Some of the more sceptical of you out there may think that these 4 articles are more about me having fun rather than an in depth review of the cars, but I promise I only had the best of intentions.

James King's 4 rejected DriveTribe articles

1) Does the Kia Rio live up to the Carnival city name?

I travel to Rio de Janeiro with the Kia Rio and spend 5 days partying in the Carnival to see if the little hatchback can live up to its name. Yes, the costs will be high for flights and to cover my drinking expenses, but can you really put a price on a Kia Rio review?

2) Can you have more fun in a SEAT Ibiza for £1,000 or an Ibiza club?

This article is critical consumer advice. When you're 18 and looking to get your first car, there are a lot of life decisions to make. The main one is whether to go on a lad's holiday to Ibiza or get your first car, probably a SEAT Ibiza. Once again this was shot down and I honestly don't know why.

3) Should you buy a Ford Capri or an all expenses paid trip to Capri?

Once again, the cynics amongst the readers are thinking that I'm just trying to get a free trip to the island of Capri, but you couldn't be further from the truth. I'm asked on a daily basis, by family and friends, whether they should be a 1986 Ford Capri Laser 1.6 or an anything goes all expenses paid trip to the beautiful island of Capri. IT'S GOOD CONSUMER ADVICE I TELL YOU.

4) Does the Chevrolet Malibu look cool in Malibu?

My inbox is full of people asking whether they should get a Chevrolet Malibu if they are moving to Malibu. In order to properly find out whether they should buy one, I proposed that I move to Malibu in a penthouse apartment for 2 months (costs covered by DriveTribe obviously), in order to truly find out if the Chevrolet Malibu is cool there. I'd need to be a mover and shaker in the town by being seen on every major night out. I'd have to properly party in order to hang out with the right people.

This was also rejected.

Are there any motoring articles you think I should propose next? Perhaps taking the SEAT Cordoba to the town of Cordoba for 3 weeks in a 5 star hotel?

Let me know in the comments.

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  • You should test drive a Rio on a beach and then just quote Duran Duran lyrics for the entire review. Now that would be some wholesome content

    4 months ago
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  • The world would have been a better place if those articles had made it on DT

    4 months ago
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