The Mercedes Benz X-Class was launched in the summer of 2017 and many of us, car guys, did not like it, mainly because it is a rebadged Nissan Navara , that is way more expensive,but here are 4 simple reasons why it is not much of a bad car.

1. Perfect for a rich farmer:

we car guys might not buy one of these, but if we think of the sort of people who might buy it , we see it is not a bad car for these people and that maybe it is actually one of the best cars for them. People Who would buy an X-Class could include: Someone who likes pickups , or wants to have a Mercedes slightly different to others or simply is a rich farmer, the rich farmer option being the most probable one.

The X-Class is perfect for a rich farmer who goes to his farm, this is because, think of it like this : You Are Rich and (as you are rich) you very likely have some great cars, cars like Porsches, Ferraris , would very likely own something like a G63 AMG , but you would not like it to go to your farm in it as you wouldn't want to 'destroy' it (little people would take a new G-Wagon off-road). The X-Class however is a pickup, is cheaper and you wouldn't mind using it, it is perfect for a farmer with lots of money who thinks a simple Navara would not have been enough for him. The X-Class can do the same sort of things as the Navara and you would not care about the price,sounds perfect for a rich farmer ,and i have to say, Especially when it is a Mercedes.

I must say also that not only for a rich farmer, it may also sound great for other people who want something for commercial use, like for example a rich man who builds mansions, he could also want to buy an X-Class for him.

2 . It is a Workhorse

Pickups should be able to be used as a workhorse, right? The X-Class is a good workhorse, which is good because (at least in the UK) many pickup buyers would buy a pickup to be a workhorse. If you are a farmer or own a company that builds houses or something like that, and need a workhorse,the X-Class would be good for you as it is good for commercial use, it can carry many things and it is a pretty good off-roader, in fact Mercedes says it can carry 1000kg(2205 lbs) of cargo and tow 3500kgs (7717 lbs), which is pretty nice. All of this means it is perfect for carrying your things, going off-road, towing things and many other things you would maybe need a pickup for.

3. A V6

the X-Class is available with the same engines of the Navara, but Mercedes has recently added the X350D to the range, which has a diesel Mercedes V6 with 258 BHP and 550 NM/405 lb ft of torque that makes it go from 0-100 kmh/0-62 mph in 7.5 seconds, which although it is not fast and it is not the fastest pickup, it is pretty good for a pickup . The Fact that it is a V6 makes it a bit more appealing...

If you want more power, Mercedes says that if there is demand, they could put a 450 BHP V8 engine in the X-Class, would you like it?

4. Comfort:

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is very comfortable for a pickup, it has an improved suspension and it has the great Mercedes Stuff (Like Technology) that make it quite good for a pickup.If you are a rich person looking for a pickup, the X-Class is good for you as it has the comfort of a Mercedes and many rich people would rather buy a Mercedes Pickup to one of its rivals.


The X-Class can do the same things as something like a Navara,which means it is good for a typical Pickup Buyer. Not only that, it is more comfortable, more stylish, quite high tech and even is available with a V6 . Only problem really being the price and the fact that it is a Navara underneath, but it is a good pickup and is a better than a Navara

**Upshift Score: (X350d)**


what are your opinions on the X-Class?

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