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4 Reasons Why the Toyota Camry is the Best Choice For the Family

My argument on the choices many people face as the sedan for the family.

Now that I have driven the Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy, and the Toyota Camry, I have had some time to sit back and think about which car reigns supreme. I exclude the Mazda6 because I have not driven it yet, but based only on how the Mazda3 was it probably isn't too far off. In my opinion, it is the Camry after tasting all three flavors of this Neapolitan ice cream. My decision is based off of 4 categories.


"...surprised Rayman rabbit..."

Compared to the other 2 cars, the Camry offers the best styling by far. It looks mean and aggressive, but at the same time laid-back and relaxed. It's curves and edges bring out so much of the character the Camry offers. The Accord's refreshed fascia looks great and the Legacy looks marvelous, but the most attractive of the 3 is definitely the Camry. It looks like a surprised Rayman Rabbit in the front. Not only that but the interior styling isn't boring either. The Accord has the most exciting interior of the 3, but the Camry's is more user friendly. Plus, the Camry is the only car that seems like it can pull off the color match in the one I was able to test drive. Also, for a thousand dollars compared to the Accord, the Camry will come with a functioning panoramic roof. Another thing about the Camry is space. It's trunk is larger than the previous generation and the seats are able to sit 4 full-size adults very comfortably. Not only that but the seats are quite comfortable and offer plenty of support throughout the duration of my time in the Camry.


"...Have listed sounds familiar..."

The Camry comes equipped with just as good of options as offered by the Accord and Legacy. The model shown is priced higher than the others at a smidgen over $33,000. It comes standard with Toyota safety sense which consists of the pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert with steering assist, enhanced vehicle stability control, traction control, ABS, electronic brake force distribution, brake assist and smart stop technology. It also comes with the LATCH anchors, whiplash-injury-lessening front seats, 10 airbags, and blind-spot detection with rear-cross traffic alert. For convenience it comes with sat-nav, Bluetooth capabilities, USB and AUX ports, heated front seats that are powered, backup camera with those grid-lines, tire pressure monitoring, and a telescoping/tilt steering wheel. If anything I have listed seems familiar, most cars nowadays have these pretty much on almost any model. The options on the Camry add up to a little over $4,300 which means the MSRP of this model would have been $28,600. So if I did not want the panoramic roof, it would drop the price by $1,045. The government safety ratings though give it 5 stars in every category and overall.


"...might not have the 'umph'

The Camry comes with a middle-classed 2.5L naturally aspirated four cylinder making 203 horses and 184 pounds of torque at the front wheels. It comes with a the well-known 8 speed ECTi transmission as well. The Camry has a mid-range powered engine compared to the Accord and Legacy. The Accord makes the most while clearly the Legacy makes the least. But that being said, acceleration is not so lethargic. It is rather quite linear and smooth thanks to not having any sort of forced induction. But even though the Camry might not have the "umph" of the Accord, it makes up for in the miles per gallon. It gets 39 miles to the gallon on the highway, 28 miles to the gallon in the city, and a combined fuel economy at 32 miles per gallon. This makes it the best sedan of the 3 for fuel economy. That being said, the Camry performs much better than the other two cars. The suspension keeps the car from body roll in the corners and works wonders going in the potholes. The steering is light, nimble, and offers the necessary feedback that most drivers love to feel. The visibility is also very good considering we are in the day and age where it seems like the sun is everyone's enemy.

Based on these reasons alone is why I would most likely end up buying a Camry for the family. But I would pay the extra money to get the V6, which is not an option in either the Legacy and Accord. Sorry Mazda, but until I test drive the Mazda6, the Camry is the champion here. Stay tuned to see when that happens.

I would like to take a moment and thank Holman Toyota for allowing me to use their vehicle for this review. I appreciate their cooperation and professionalism.

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Comments (19)

  • Not as good, when compared with Accord. Camry at the end of day is a cheap rental car. Drive it and forget it. Accord with manual, it's different story all together

      2 years ago
  • My dad loves his lol

      2 years ago
  • Very nice and reliable car. Great review Charles!

      2 years ago
  • I prefer the styling of the civic but this is a cute car!

      2 years ago
  • “When I climbed out of the 2018 Toyota Camry XLE in a downtown Detroit parking garage on a pretty September morning, a colleague walked past and asked, “Are you OK?” I wondered what inspired the question.

    And my colleague responded, “You just look so sad.”

    This is what the Toyota Camry does to the human spirit.

    I felt like an out-of-shape and overworked old accountant whose rich and annoying clients call around the clock while my home life crumbles and bills pile up and my hair turns gray and dark circles start forming under my eyes. And I don’t care about any of it because I’m driving a Toyota Camry.

    I get that Toyota Camry sells to people who want a car that starts every time and holds value. These drivers don’t give much thought to the driving experience. The car is fine. Friends used to joke that they’d date a guy who took mass transit before they’d ever consider someone in a Toyota Camry. Now I know why.” Quote from someone else haha

      2 years ago