4 Ridiculously cheap ways to take your diecast pics to the next level

    Don't buy a fancy new camera, buy more cars!

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    This fancy grey backdrop is actually just a black posterboard I picked up at Target for less than a buck.

    This fancy grey backdrop is actually just a black posterboard I picked up at Target for less than a buck.

    Paper Backdrop - $0.69-$2.09

    The first step to making your photos look more "professional" is to get yourself a backdrop. I buy a $0.69 posterboard for my 1:18's from Target whenever my last one gets too beat up. Hide the clutter on your desk, hide your unfinished custom projects, and hide the seam where the wall meets your kitchen table. @Androoo on Instagram goes wild with his color selection and pairs them with his models specifically. For smaller scale cars, you can raid the scrapbooking aisle of your local big box craft store. They have small sheet of paper with all sorts of designs, like checkerboard or brick. Most of these can be had for less than $2, obviously the fancier the design and paper the more expensive it will be.

    LED Lightbulbs - $7

    Lighting is an incredibly important part of photography. Until I learned about white balance, I was just using regular old lightbulbs. These would leave my images awfully yellow, and I'd work and work on getting them to look as I saw them on my desk. I finally invested in some LED light bulbs for my desk-lamps, somewhere close to "daylight" on the light spectrum, or about 5000k. The photo on the left was my AutoArt Audi Sport Quattro shot under run-of-the-mill light bulbs and lots of editing. The one on the right was taken with the LED bulbs and hardly needed any editing at all.

    Download and learn to use a photo editing app - $0

    No picture is perfect right after it is taken, especially when shooting scale models. There are lots of things that can ruin a photo like dust or hair, so take some time to touch up your photos after. I personally like to use Snapseed from Google. It's a free app that allows me to adjust brightness, saturation, noise, white balance, lens blur, and most importantly, use the healing tool to get right of those dust specs and paint chips! The Saab 9-3 Viggen from DNA Collectibles below didn't need much editing, but I still made a few subtle changes like eliminating the dust specs by the front tires and on the bumper. Before is on the left, Final version on the right!

    Go Outside! - $0

    The best place to take pics of your tiny cars is the great outdoors! You literally have unlimited amazing backdrops on the other side of your door. There are sunsets, sandy beaches, famous landmarks, and full sized versions of these cars out there. Plus, it's fun!

    @priyanka.reborn on Instagram

    @priyanka.reborn on Instagram

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    • Thanks for the great tips Scott! This is a Very useful article!

      I don't have a fancy DSLR(just a humble point-and-shoot camera), all my photos were done using these methods exactly, and the results were quite promising!

        1 month ago
    • Just took this picture of my CX-9 on my desk. Good contrasting background reveals the car in more detail.

        1 year ago
    • Great article Scott! I have some 1:18 models but never took pictures of them. Always thought of assembling a transparent display box with specific backdrop for each car. Now you have given me ideas. Thanks! Really appreciate the post

        1 year ago
    • Hmm. Might have to try these out

        1 year ago
    • Some really cool ideas here! Might try these out :D

        1 year ago
      • Well definitely join the Hobbies Community and post up what you’ve tried!

          1 year ago
      • Thanks! Will do! I'm new to the site, recommend any other communities?

          1 year ago


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