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4 Things Petrol-Heads gonna miss after the EV dominates the roads.

With countries like England and many EU deciding to stop production of IC vehicles in forthcoming years P-H's can expect to miss some of the things.

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2020 saw a great number of EV’s enter the market. Initiatives like Merc’s EQ, Audi Etron saw a great rise in recognition. Also, not to forget the Tesla who saw a great domination in market. With countries like England and many EU deciding to stop production of IC vehicles in forthcoming years we can expect to miss some of the things which I have mentioned in below. So, buckle up because it’s gonna be a rough ride!

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image via (https://twitter.com/ETNOWlive/status/1351004322230919169)

1. Smell of Petrol

I always wondered why didn’t any deodorant company made a petrol fragrant deo. At least auto enthusiasts would have attracted to me. Jokes aside, smell of petrol is metaphor, that there would be no more fuel stops, which means forget the fragrance of aroma churned by the God of Speed.

2. Rev Matching

This happens usually to AMT, CVT and mopeds. While descending a slope you would remove the foot off the throttle pedal to help gravity do your work. And suddenly when foot it down the revs of wheels do not match revs of engine and instead of more speed you end up losing the speed. And ah! Who can forget the half clutch hill climb test you need to pass in order to get your driving license.

Image via (https://twitter.com/BeckMastenKia/status/1351985110913069058)

Image via (https://twitter.com/BeckMastenKia/status/1351985110913069058)

3. Opening the Bonnet

EV’s don’t have an engine. Which means you would probably never have to open the front of your car. Which also means you would not be working on your engine, repairing the knocks, adding turbos etc. But at least your wife would be happy because the garage would be clean and tools would be organized.

4. Jump starts and cold starts

Talking about opening the bonnet, jump starts and cold starts are not the thing usually happening in vehicles manufactured now-a-days. But during these pandemic times we happen to see some jump starts and cold starts due to long standing of vehicles. But in EV’s as there is no engine you would never do a jump start. But on a positive note, you would be periodically charging your vehicle so as to keep the vehicle from discharging or deep discharging.

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