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Nowadays V8 engines are being phased out by tightening emissions regulations and efficiency standards but it is not impossible to find V8 in cars but, they are getting rarer and are very slowly disappearing, and in a Top Gear episode Jeremy Clarkson said:"And if you are not going to use V8 to power cars? Why not use it to power other things like for instance, a food blender". And so that got me thinking, what other items that are not cars that have a V8 engines? Surprisingly, I have been able to find 4 and 1 other one that does not technically move the car.

1) Top Gear V8 rocking chair

Literal LS swapped chair

Literal LS swapped chair

Starting off with what is perhaps the weirdest V8 item in this list, this is quite literally a V8 powered rocking chair, the idea of this at the time was very simple, as the elderly might have issues reaching over to change the channel on the TV and might get stuck watching something they might not like. The solution according to Clarkson and to everyone obviously was to attach the chair to a V8 engine, an Ls engine used in a Corvette in this case.

The idea of this was that when the user wanted to rock the chair forward they would use an accelerator on the foot of the chair to use the engine which was connected to the pulley that rocked the chair and when they were done they would take their foot off the accelerator and it would stop. And to show this, Clarkson used a dummy on the chair and had manual control of the V8's accelerator. Unfortunately, it went full Top Gear and both the chair and the dummy disintegrated. To be honest the idea was as you expect with Top Gear but it remains one of a few car engine powered chairs, along with Edd China's sofa.

2) Chrysler V8 air raid siren

A V8 siren...enough said

A V8 siren...enough said

This next thing on the list is the only thing on this list that has an actual use in real life, the Chrysler air raid siren was a literal V8 powered siren.

This thing was built and saw use from 1952 to 1957 during the cold war era and had a 5.4L V8 hemi engine that made 180hp, the siren apparently produced 138 dB and could have been heard as far as 25 miles (40 km) away. Obviously the main purpose of the siren was to warn the public in the event of a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. How it worked was the operator's job was to start the engine and bring it up to operating speed, then to pull and release the transmission handle to start the wailing signal generation

Some of these sirens are still around and those that have been restored are in museums currently, in my opinion this is the 2nd coolest thing on this list.

3) Chevy V8 chainsaw

This thing is HUUGE

This thing is HUUGE

The next thing on this list of odd and ridiculous list of V8 powered things that are not cars is this, one of man V8 powered chainsaws on the internet. This particular one has a Holden V8 and is made by superaxe.au, there is nothing really much to say about it as the name says what it is so I will just leave a video here for you to see it in action.

4) Top Gear V8 blender

Lastly on the list is in my opinion the most ridiculous thing that has come out of the insanity that is Clarkson's mind, the V8 blender. In an attempt to show that V8s can be used for something other than powering cars, Clarkson showed that a V8 form a corvette(the same one used in the V8 chair that came later) could be used to power a blender and to show how effective his LS swapped blender is, he decided to blend a collection of what would make a "V8 man's smoothie" consisting of bovril, tobasco, chilies, BEEF and of course a brick(obviously). The result of the messy kitchen and very loud V8 blender was what James called "The Bloody Awful", this is actually what inspired Clarkson to make the V8 chair and inspired me to come up with this list in the first place

Thanks for reading

As with all kinds of lists, I obviously missed something and feel free to fill in what I had missed in the comments below and of course, thanks for taking time to read this list.

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  • The chainsaw is awesome! Stihl should make one of those bit with a smaller V8

      7 months ago