- The day I stumbled upon James' Roller was particularly memorable.

4 Years of DriveTribe

Life through the Lens of DriveTribe starting with 2016

33w ago

How did I start posting on DriveTribe? Well, you have to thank Clarkson for that. It all goes back to Steakgate. When Clarkson physically assaulted Oisin Tymon over a plate of cold cuts - that's what set me on the path to becoming a long term and occasionally prolific poster on this platform.

Yeah, well we're all here partly thanks to-

Yes, yes! Clarkson and co probably wouldn't have thrown their celebrity weight behind the DriveTribe project it they hadn't effectively ended up 'on the dole'. However, there's a more specific reason than that. Namely when Chris Evans started touting for a co-collaborator to join the show - that fan audition thing. Now, in retrospect, I think these sort of things are probably a bad idea. Rory Reid did alright out of it, and had a good run at first, before he got relegated to extra Gear. Could I have done a better job? I don't know. Probably not. I don't have the sort of happy, bubbly, laddy humour that seemed to dominate Rory's tenure and continues to this day. I'm more suited to the 'old cynic' style which will be more familiar to fans of Clarkson, May and Hammond. And that style was clearly not what Evans wanted to run with. He seemed to want to shoot for a TFI Friday, Don't Forget your TopGear thing.

Irrespective of that, despite me thinking working on Top Gear could end up being a poisoned chalice and might even be a case of jumping onto a sinking ship, with a lot of the talent having left in solidarity with Jeremy, Richard and James - I decided I'd send a clip in.

The first thing I discovered when trying to make a serviceable clip, was that it isn't actually easy. Trying to do a piece to camera is an education, as to the skill and artistry of those who do it well. They make it look easy, but there's a lot more to it than simply looking at a camera and saying what you think.

So you were rubbish at it?

I was! However, I was neither arrogant nor stupid enough NOT to realise this. I could see I was awful at it, so decided to get better at it. I began making videos almost daily. The channel was called DriveTalk and I posted everything I filmed on the fly, online the same day. I had followers, fans, likes and I never even had any writing nor a script, or even a cameraman! At some point during this period, I was personally contacted by DriveTribe and invited to the platform early. I have no idea why this was. I can only assume someone scouting for the, at the time, non-existent platform saw something I'd said and liked it. So I started posting as soon as DriveTribe went live. This was my very first post:-

I published that on 21st November 2016. Not very inspiring was it?

Shortly after that I started posting video on DriveTribe an early example, which began what became a long running theme was this one:-

I published that on 22nd November 2016. In the end I ended up going to a Focus ST3 with 246 BHP, then a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S with 355 BHP. So the trend I discussed here is still continuing!

My first actual proper big article was this following one published on 24th November 2016, where I jested about the sheer, horrific awfulness of my comedic first car:-

I think I was pretty scathing in the retrospective review, but that post really set the tone and style for I wanted to write on the platform.

These are all in Irreverent Car Talk though! What about your other tribes?

Well the Poverty Petrolheads tribe was inaugurated on 25th November 2016 with this simple post:-

Of course, I didn't just post in my own tribes, one of my bigger and more popular posts from 2016 was this one, posted in 'MAD 4 CARS' lead by Del Fino. It was posted on 29th November 2016:

A personal favourite of 2016 though, was my discussion on learning to drive back when I was young and now. Again, this really set the tone for how I wanted to approach my DriveTribe posts. This was published on 2nd December 2016:-

At the time, I was doing a Creative Writing course with the Open University and as part of that course had to to some poetry. Of course me, being me, there had to be an element of humour in my poetry, and as one of my assignment poems was car related I decided to share it on DriveTribe and I think it was particularly well recieved:-

That was pretty much the highlights for 2016. Poverty Petrolheads was yet to really get going, and I seem to recall having to thank Patricia Pedrosa for that. Up until a point in 2017 I was simply posting a 'Deal of the Day' sharing an interesting car at a bargain price. It was only really when Patricia suggested I apply my article writing sense of humour to the adverts and to embellish the source material did Poverty Petrolheads take off. 'Binned it Like Hammond' was basically not even a vague idea at this stage. I actually posted mainly in Del Fino's 'Mad 4 Cars' Tribe because it was better for exposure at the time. How things change?

Originally I was going to post about the progression and journey in DriveTribe over the entire 4 years, but I got to this point and I realised it would be a MONSTER, server-breaking post. So I started with 2016. You have to let me know in the poll if you'd like me to continue the story.

Martyn Stanley

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  • We've loved having you here!

      7 months ago
  • This is good. I would like for you to continue if that's something you want to do. I joined 'Poverty Petrolheads' because of this post, so that says something... at least for me anyway. ;)

      7 months ago
  • You're part of the DriveTribe furniture, Martyn

      7 months ago