42% Of Brits Polled Think Electric Vehicles Cannot Go In A Car Wash

12 days ago


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Comments (3)

As car enthusiasts go, we're a rare breed. There really aren't that many of us when you look at the overall population of earth. When we own cars, we know so many little intricaces about them. The world would be a better place if we all loved cars the same way. Hear me out here as there is a reason for this.

Most people are just general commuters and don't really learn about their cars, short of the "it is realiable, it looks good, and it gets me from A to B. Also, I got a stinking good deal!" But I submit that general commuters should know more about their cars and become enthusiasts. Mainly because it'd make driving safer, it'd give others piece of mind, and also for the fact that people are so blasé about arguably the second largest monetary purchase in their entire lives. It still baffles me that people can drop tens of thousands of dollars on something that they treat like their toaster. It's insane.

Anyway, given that most people are not like us, they do tend to not know muich about cars. And now with EVs firmly planted into the auto-sphere, it brings about a whole other realm of knowledgelessness. And that rings true even more than the combustion versions in some cases.

For example, a new poll has been concluded in Great Britain. Turns out that a staggering amount (42% to be exact) of people think that you physically should not take an EV into a car wash. Here's the exact language from the survey:

"One of the biggest areas of confusion is whether you can put an electric car through a car wash. While this is no issue – just as with a petrol or diesel car – 42% of Brits admit they aren’t sure if this is an option for pure electric car owners."

But wait, there's more:

As well as this, half of Brits (52%) think they wouldn’t be able to describe what a pure electric car (a car powered solely by a battery) is to someone else. Underestimating the performance is also commonplace. Nearly half (47%) think a petrol or diesel car accelerates quicker than a pure electric, even though, in many cases, the opposite is true.

It's important to note that these figures are from "Go Ultra Low" which is an industry and government campaign to promote plug-in electric cars in the UK. While I believe these figures to be accurate to their survey, I'd love to see the N-values (or total population of the study) that they used as their criteria. An N=300 (or 300 people polled), which is a number I just made up and is not necessarily their poll croteria, might not be excompassing of the entirety of the UK population's overall knowledge. So I'd like to see more figures before drawing a more conclsusive...er...conclusion.

So in...uh...conclusion, we all need to learn more about cars. Even us enthusiasts don't know everything. You all spend money on cars, why not know more about them? Everyone, DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH!



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Comments (3)
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  • are they the ones who voted yes on brexit?

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  • It's not often I feel ashamed to be British, but in light of this horrifying information, I'm afraid the feeling is inescapable.

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