430 scuderia: the sweet spot special ferrari?

Is the Ferrari 430 Scuderia the best special edition V8 Ferrari?

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Ferrari’s line-up is based upon a pretty clear template, always sitting contently in the middle of a mellow front-engined roadster and a hulking V12 GT is their sporty mid-engined V8. After a few years Ferrari will introduce a special edition of this car, a face lift, one that only its best customers can buy. Back in 2007 this car was called the 430 Scuderia.

The Scud’ experienced the usual treatment, essentially an F430 being given a small bump-up of power and torque, to 503bhp and 346lb ft, weight was decreased by 100kg. other modifications included again, subtle differences in the body work, interior and almost every mechanical and chassis component of the car. All of these minor improvements propelled the F430 to a new level.

Nowadays Ferrari turbocharge their engines, and even the naturally aspirated 458 Speciale, although powerful, had a somewhat flat sound in comparison to 430. Its 4.3 litre V8 roars up to an 8500rpm red-line, having a breath taking result on the ears.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels, as tradition goes. The car was offered only with the single clutch F1 automatic gearbox, definitely dated by today’s standards yet refined to say it’s 13 years old. The shift time of 60ms makes this a fantastic single clutch transmission and the F1 name is to be taken literally as 60ms is also what Ferraris F1 cars were taking to change gear in the early ‘00s.

The carbon-slated, Alkantara lathered interior contributed to the road-racer ethos. The 430 Scuderia is always ready and raring for the track with its bucket seats and harnesses. And it’s quick on track too, so quick that Ferraris flag-ship model at the time, the Enzo, couldn’t lap Fiorano faster than it.

In terms of heritage, this car is rich. The Scuderia was built in a period when Ferrari were part-way through winning 5 consecutive F1 world championships, with their star driver, Michael Schumacher playing a key role in developing the car.

Visually, I just love the styling. It appears much sharper than the F430 and looks aggressive from every angle. At the front, you can see the pointy, shark like nose, but you also notice the curvy air inlets on the bumper, reminiscent of its predecessor, the 360. Around the back of the car is a set of Enzo tail lights, giving the car a seriously exotic appearance.

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