$450,000 and the Meaning of "Super"

A very Montague - Capulet situation

Jim: hates Andreas

Andreas: hates Jim

Both resent the other: Jim hasn't mowed his lawn in 3 weeks, and Andreas has an insufferable ability to come in late.

How dare they. But the worst, utmost treasonous act that makes blood boil...

The cars.

Jim's got a Ford GT

Andreas has an 812 Superfast

**Oh yeah, they're minted. You can see why their noses get put out of joint at the equivalent of 0.01psi of annoyance**

Let's start at 8AM:

Both leave in their $450,000 assets and the sun is as bright as the souls in their bodies....so it's gloomy out. They haven't the foggiest idea but the amount in common between them is substantial enough to justify friendship.

The Simple Figures

GT: 216MPH

812: 211MPH

812: 530 LB-FT

GT: 550 LB-FT

GT: Shit on Gas

812: a little better but still shit

**Both rich, both owners of what we could only dream about**

This is enough to at least respect the other but alas, that shan't occur.

For the GT is American.

And the Ferrari is European .

The cultural appetite of both camps is varied beyond apples and oranges...

For those West of the Atlantic, $450,000 gets you brutality only comparable with Genghis Khan having a bad case of the Mondays. Smack you in the face power followed with exhaust notes of an out of tune Alicia Keys. Handles like James Bond in a firefight and stunning looks to hard close the deal.

This is what "super" means when American companies get to work.


Like all good things however the comprises are inevitable, the interior is Ford (if you need to have a physical reference for that just grab your refrigerator door and give it a jiggle, welcome to Ford paneling)

Also, if you enjoy a smoothness mid cruise or a seat that'll put you to sleep hadn't it been in motion, you're not on the right continent. Anything labelled Recaro should come with a voucher for a lifetime supply of physio appointments.

Hop to the other side of the puddle and you have what $450,000 gets you if you're a bit more "civilized".

For one the cultivation of elegance had sprouted long before with almost ancient companies like Bugatti and Ferrari being the first and last word in what it feels like to be special, so comfort isn't an issue. Interiors to rival a Bavarian princesses bedroom and testosterone building badges that symbolize a higher power than first class.

Mix in beautifully delivered bombastic power and you have yourself what most of Europe would call "super".


Now here's a strangeness, this is where the compromises should be, and I've looked, a lot.

Can't find much though, besides small things: Stuff tends to be in Italian with Ferrari but some may see that as an upside. You're constantly scared the next strong wind may send a pebble from Lucifer to scrape your $10,000 Carbon Fiber splitter, but then again I suppose anybody spending that much will have that concern. Let's attribute that to the fact they've had years ahead of North American boffins to fine tweak the word "Super".

So, it's different and I get it .

Maybe those blokes will never get on, and that's their fault... and also mine for making them up so I could talk about cars.

But it's a real question, for the same price you can get two different cultures of car, so which one would you go for?

Throw yourself into the comments and let me know.

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Comments (8)

  • I'd always take a 911 GT3 Touring(Way more comfortable, manual, a blast to drive, and still cheaper), but if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with the Ford. The Ferrari's relatively comfortable, but it isn't really that suitable for daily driving. In contrast, the Ford's ride quality will definitely prevent you from using your spine later in the evening, but it is more track and sports-oriented meaning I could have way more fun with it on tracks. The 812 sounds like it's a soundtrack nicked from God's personal collection and has all the comfy things, but the GT is the real driver's car.

      1 year ago
  • I gotta say Ford.

      1 year ago
  • Ford in this case, because this Ferrari has the engine in the wrong spot.

      1 year ago
  • Always the Ferrari. There's something about them I've never been able to articulate properly that I love and makes driving them just feel right.

    Also I have a rocky history with Fords. Me and Mustangs in particular don't get along.

      1 year ago
  • Is it okay to call both cars assets?

      1 year ago
    • At a pricetag of around $450,000 its worth my house, which is an asset for me personally.

        1 year ago