454bhp BMW M3 CS Spotted testing at the Nurburgring

The most hardcore production M3 is looking production ready and sounds and looks monster quick

3y ago

BMW has been hard at work on the M3 CS having already given us the equally hardcore M4 CS version. The prototype M3 version is nearing production ready-spec and has been spotted speeding around the Nordschleife race-track.

The M3 CS will receive the same power upgrades as its M4 sibling with a 10bhp boost bringing its turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six motor up to 454bhp. It also gets more torque with a 37lb-ft increase bringing the total output to 442lb-ft.

It will also be lighter than the Competition Package model thanks to a lightweight carbon-reinforced plastic bonnet, carbon rear diffuser, thinner door cards and even a lighter stereo (no seriously). All of this will cut around 30-35kg from the 1,560kg weight of the standard car.

All of this gain in power and weight loss should combine to give around a 3.9 second 0-62mph time and an unlimited top speed of in excess of 175mph. These numbers mean that the M3 CS would be the fastest F80 generation model ever built by the German carmaker.

To keep all of this power and speed in check, the M3 CS will share many parts with its lesser-doored sibling. Items such as the tweaked suspension setup borrowed from the Competition Package model will be a standard fit, along with the 10-spoke forged rims shod in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres while the ceramic brakes remain an optional extra should buyers want them for track-duty.

From this brief and distant clip, we can make out that the M3 CS does emit a distinct sporting engine note that sounds just right to us. It’s neither hardcore insanity nor boring, with BMW seeming to get it pretty much spot on with this test car.

The one thing BMW has done is to make the mule emit a blip-down noise, which sounds fantastic. Want one? Of course you do, expect the M3 CS to drop early in 2018 with prices starting at around £88,000 upwards.

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