48 Wallytender American Premier

An interview with the Ferretti Group's VP of Sales North America and a walkthrough of the 48 Wallytender

An interview with VP of sales N America and a walkthrough of the 48 Wallytender

From the makers of the 17,000 horsepower 118 Wallypower, (with a top speed of 70 miles per hour and a price tag of $33 million dollars) ...

... comes the American premier of the 48 Wallytender.

This carbon fiber little brother is super light and has a top speed of 38 knots (approx 44 mph). This boat can be used as a quick transport from your super yacht to shore, for those "on holiday" excursions. The vessel has cabin accommodations, air conditioning, a head, and a lot more.

The sides of the boat fold down as deck extensions, to add a little extra room.

Even the anchor gets neatly tucked away when retracted

I spoke with Randy Coleman, the vice president of North American sales for the Ferretti Group. He talked about his work with Ferretti, their recent acquirement of the Wally brand, and how Wally is the perfect fit with the Ferretti Group. Enjoy this quick video interview and walkthrough.


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Images by: Wally.com & the Ferretti Group


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