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488 vs 570S vs Huracan vs GT3? | Back to Back SHOWDOWN!

Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini or Porsche?

2y ago

By Tim Burton

Four of the finest supercars go head to head; the Ferrari 488, McLaren 570S, Lamborghini Huracan and Porsche 911 GT3 - but which from AutoXotica's supercar club fleet will come out on top? I drive them all back to back for a real experience with some of the finest cars out there.

There is an opportunity for one of you to win an experience with AutoXotica too, driving supercars on track and one from the line-up on the road! You can find out more and enter at: offers.axsupercars.co.uk/win-a...

For the ultimate supercar experience from AutoXotica's wide ranging fleet, the cars for me to drive are four of the most popular options currently available. From Maranello we have the Ferrari 488 Spider; the convertible of the 488 GTB with a 3.9l Twin Turbo V8 making 670hp. Finished in the traditional Rosso Corsa with Nero contrast roof, it may be the "go to" from the line but let's find out how it stands up. In competition from Woking we have the McLaren 570S Spider; a member of the Sports Series with a 3.8l Twin Turbo V8 with 570hp but built around the lightweight carbon fibre Monocell II. Next up it's a return to Italy for the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Spyder, an all-wheel-drive raging bull with a glorious naturally aspirated 5.2l V10 that makes the most incredible sound. Finally to round out the driving experience it's the precision and engineering of the Porsche 911 991.1 GT3 with a rear-mounted 3.8l flat-6 that makes 475hp. Four of the biggest names in the sports and supercar world, and four quite different driving experiences to go along with them.

AutoXotica are a supercar club based at Donington Park in the UK, offering membership to all and not just the petrolhead elite. With a trackside lounge for events on circuit and pro driving instructors for members, the line-up of cars features many of the latest supercars.

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A big thank you to AutoXotica for the opportunity for me to drive the cars and for supporting this video.

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