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5 Automotive birthdays to look out for in 2020

Keep these in mind for car events...

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Happy new year, everyone! Well, at least that' what it'll be by the time you read this, because at the time of writing, it's still the 31st December, very cold and I'd prefer nothing more than a fresh start to the year.

A new year means another yearly round-up of car events and celebrations: we'll all be looking forward to things like the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Geneva motor show. But here's a list of just what you can expect in the car world of 2020 and what manufacturers might potentially do to celebrate.


110 years of Alfa Romeo

Image credit: Favcars.com

Image credit: Favcars.com

Alfa Romeo is a byword for Italian greatness; they've been stars in competition, kings on the road and Gods in the heart of any petrolhead. Before Ferrari was founded, Enzo managed the Scuderia racing team using Alfas.

There's at least one Alfa that everyone lusts after, and throughout the last century and a bit, they've played a great role in shaping the history of the motorcar.

What should we expect in 2020? I wouldn't necessarily say too much, since the centenary has passed, but perhaps little acknowledgements here and there. Much like Bugatti did with the 110-year edition Chiron last year.

Still, it should be interesting to see what they come up with.

40 years of the Audi Quattro

Image credit: Favcars.com

Image credit: Favcars.com

Arguably one of the most significant cars in Audi's history, the Quattro will be celebrating its 40th birthday in 2020 and there's no doubt that there'll be something special lined up to celebrate it.

Audi themselves could be cooking up some special 40th anniversary editions of their RS models or maybe - at a stretch - making a wacky concept car to highlight the rallying hero's birth.

Also, expect a wash of the Group B Quattros to make an attendance at events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed. That'll be a sight worth seeing.

70 years of the Aston Martin DB2

Image credit: Favcars.com

Image credit: Favcars.com

The DB2 was one of Aston's most important cars; not only was it the first to adopt the famous Lagonda straight six engine, but it also put the David Brown name on the map and shifted the brand into the modern world after the second world war.

It was a versitile platform as many DB2s were entered into racing competitions around the world - including Le Mans. And three versions spawned throughout its life: the DB2, the DB2/4 and then the DB MKIII.

I'm not expecting the Aston brand to mark the DB2's launch in 1950, but I expect that plenty of classic car magazines and events will have little stands and features which highlight what marked a new era for Aston Martin.

60 years of the Ford Falcon (Australian model)

Image credit: Favcars.com

Image credit: Favcars.com

The XK Falcon was Ford's direct response to the growing popularity of Holden in the Australian market. They had been selling the British Zodiac, Zephyr and Consul for some time throughout the 1950s, but needed something fresh to worry the competition. It did just that and revolutionised Ford in that cornet of the world.

They only had the Americans to thank, and for nearly half-a-century, the Falcon epitomised Ford and the strong Australian fan base. Even Mad Max piloted an XB Falcon as his weapon of choice.

Even though Ford's Australian branch stopped making their own stuff in 2016, it would be rude not to celebrate the Falcon's 60th birthday in some form, be it at car shows or motorsport events. Expect some cool stuff in Australia in 2020.

30 years of the Lotus Carlton

Image credit: Favcars.com

Image credit: Favcars.com

This was the answer to the increasingly trendy German super saloons of the 1980s. And as you all probably know, the Lotus Carlton smashed them out of the park with sheer brute force.

With 377bhp, a top speed of 176mph and a blistering 0-60 time of around 5 seconds. It was so quick, the British government nearly banned it since it could easily outrun whatever the police were using to try and catch it. It therefore earned its title as a popular getaway car.

With such a savage backstory and performance, celebrating 30 years of the Lotus Carlton will almost certainly be covered. Whether it be an enormous gathering of them at a venue like Silverstone Classic or even a dedicated stand at various car shows. I can assure you that it will not be forgotten.

What else is there?

Image credit: Favcars.com

Image credit: Favcars.com

So, there we are. That's my little round-up of what to look out for in automotive celebrations for 2020. If you're attending somewhere special this year like Goodwood, then it'll be worth looking out for some of these.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed reading and be sure to throw in any more that I might have missed in the comments.


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