5 best car chooses to take your girl out

You do desire a drive with girl if you own one of those cars

Lamborghini Aventador

For the first car i would say the Aventador, this is the hard pass car to the girls and those who hasn't seen that many cars. The girls recognize the badge and the stream line actually the shell so it became the most symbolize car to Lamborghini. This is the reason why this car so popular.



Also Aventador's symbol is the scissor doors and this is why there too many men like this car across the globe and even too many want to own one to fill their sense of peacockery. If you drove this out it will attract men's eye balls absolutely.

Mclaren Senna

Tribute the greatest F1 driver Ayrton Senna Mclaren built this car with his name to make people remember him.



When this car was come out the first impression maybe was door's transparent option so some said it was used to showing off the passenger's leg .For this i say some neutral opinion there were might be some buy this car actually for this purpose but here the truth is used to see if you have cut the bend's center when you do some laps. So this is an awesome practice car. And if you still truly mean to doing that i would say it will be a not bad choice.

Pagani Huayra

The most beautiful and elegant car over the world.Not like the "bad boy"Zonda the Huayra became more feminizied such as seats leather came from women handbag and the rear light and rear mirrors came from the beauty women's eyes.

It has the rare gull wing door design which Zonda haven't and Huayra's shape looks more round than the Zonda. There are suit bags in the back of seats so this could be the best car to attend a formal social occasion as well.

Mclaren F1

The Mclaren F1 is the first three seats supercar ever you could take two girls out in one trip. The three seats arrangement became one of reasons me love this legend NA car.

Credit Google

Credit Google

And this is the one in natural aspirated legend which is the fastest natural aspirated car ever. So you could take the girls have a ultimated natural aspirated speed trip with the legendary noise.

Mclaren Speedtail

Some may say"the Mclaren F1 is an old car it is been 26 years til now" that old piece could have his retirement perhaps now. So this is it the speedtail as successor of F1 the brand new combining too many idea, design, tech three seats hyper GT car.



This has more modern electric tech functions , leather seat more luggage space and unique experience with staggering velocity mode which has ultimate speed 0-300 kph in 12.8s. The Fast & Furious in real life It could make your girls screaming that scene can not imagine.

So do you agree with me? if not what was your prefer? comment below!

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