5 Best Cars In Every Decade

The best cars in every decade starting from the 60's to the 2010's

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Yes, the cars I love in every decade. And to spice things up a little bit, I'm only gonna use one car brand in each list three times. So if I put the Ferrari F50 in the 1990's, the Ferrari Enzo in the 2000's and the 458 Speciale in the 2010's I can't pick another Ferrari car. Ready now? Let's go


Cars looks great in their 60's starting from Ferruccio Lamborghini invented the first supercar with his Miura. Now car manufactures like Ferrari and Porsche are making these type of cars. So let's start the list

5. AC Shelby Cobra

The Snake that has been born by the legend, Carroll Shelby, was clearly one of the best cars ever made by himself. No Fords, just himself. It was auction of an eye-watering price of a million dollars and it's also known as a Death Trap. Don't know what Death Trap means? This car is really dangerous according to internet with the same danger as the original Viper. However, this car rocks to be a sports car and was once, being famous from an iconic scene, "My name is Carroll Shelby and performance is my business".

4. Ford Mustang Mach 1

This all-time favorite muscle car looks badass than the GT500. First of all, any simply customization from off-road to a drag race makes the car look badass. Secondly, this car was also known for John Wick's "Hitman" movie and finally, it has some great sound that sounds like guns banging and popping everywhere. I love it

3. Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

This Alfa Romeo was also known as the most beautiful Alfa Romeo and the car in the world because it's simply, Italian. This beautiful machine, the car and even this era, it looks more like a GT car than a race car. Like seriously, Alfa Romeo was meant to make this car into a race car but what I see it nothing to be a race car instead, a glorious V8 GT Italian car. Really rare because only 18 were made and it was auctioned for 10 Million dollars.

2. Jaguar E-Type

This beautiful British car is the second best because it's a JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG. And you know the Jaguar makes the best muscle cars but during that time, this car was impossible of being a muscle car and instead, great at being a GT car. Comfortable, luxurious and practical too. It was unexpectedly the most beautiful in every way. Even when it's already turned into a collectible, this car is still known as one of the best Jaguars.

1. Lamborghini Miura

I don't even need to say anything about this car. It's stunning, it's fast and it's also have a V12 ENGINE! It's clearly stated as the first supercar as a rear-mid engine car. It's also rare with 275 built as normal ones and 150 as SV models and have a price tag of $500k and the SV version for $3.2 million. If you find this car, then you'll be really lucky too because it's a millionaire's car.


The 1970 is a decade that is hard for me to find those five perfect cars. There are a few cool cars that were made in this decade so picking them is difficult.

5. Pontiac Trans-AM Firebird

This muscle car in its third generation has some cool lines from the bumper to the rear. I even love the bird on the hood they added. I never seen any car having this kind of decal. It's even looks like a car with gullwing doors because of the lines from the door to the roof. It looks so cool and I really liked it.

4. Lancia Stratos

This off-road supercar maybe the best work Lancia ever done. Great for off-roading in high speeds and have such great handling that it can perform drifts on dirt path. Adding with the cool pop-up headlights and and the chunky tires with a decent noise, it's one of the best off-road supercars too.

3. Plymouth Superbird

Ah yes this racing legend with the help of Chrysler is the best race track in this era with it's twin brother, the Dodge Daytona. This racing car with it's iconic wing, animal name and @Plymouth Superbird's favorite car is a superior race car that it even looks better than a few modern race cars like the R8 LMS and the Huracan STO. And this car is also rare since there is a thousand made.

2. BMW M1

This BMW supercar with a help of Lamborghini is the most successful BMW supercar. It was made because they want to beat their fellow Germans over at Porsche in Group 5 racing. This supercar was made by Lamborghini. Well Yes but not Lamborghini, the Lamborghini engineers made their company, Italengineering. It even has one thing, the grille so small! I was getting pissed of from BMW's new pig faces and this car doesn't even have a pig face. It has a really small grille which makes the car, amazing.

1. DeTomaso Pantera

This really rare and yet, outstanding supercar I ever seen. A huge spoiler, great shaping and such a sporty car to go. I love the color, red and black, on this car because it looks like a great panther because of it's menacing name. A good old Ford V8. The new P72 is nice and pretty but the Pantera is mean and badass.


1980 has such great cars that even some wacky cars are also in the list.

5. Mercedes "Hammer" AMG 300 CE

This 4-door sedan is not a normal sedan. It's the fastest sedan ever made by Mercedes with the help of AMG. They added more horsepower, a big block muscle V8 and a famous nickname called the "Hammer" because it's the fastest sedan. It's even at a great AMG era before they no longer make cars that can drift and do burnouts.

4. Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Time to say something, the R32 is better than the R34 because it is a real Godzilla. Better looks, better rear view and a better car to modify. It's even the best GTR, better than the R35 which is not a supercar. I even love that the R32 can smoke other JDM cars away. Probably the best Skyline generation by far.

3. RUF CTR "Yellowbird"

I know it's a 911 but it feels like it doesn't looks like a Porsche which is crazy I know, but because it was an old restomod, I find this car nothing looks like a Porsche as well as a Beetle. What I even like about this car is that it was nicknamed the "Yellowbird" not the beetle.

2. BMW M3 E30

This original M3 with an inline-4 engine was the best and over popular, not overrated, over popular car. Cheap, fast, fun and everything BMW can offer you with this car. What's even cooler that this was the only M3 engine with a DOHC inline-4 engine they made and the rest, well they abandoned this engine and went for the inline-6 engine. Yet, this is one of the most beautiful classics.

You can check it in my other post with the Top 10 most beautiful modern cars and classics by clicking this, it has the M3

1. Porsche 959

This Porsche legend and the father of the Porsche 918. This car was actually meant for rallying first then road legal car. Don't believe me, well search that up for yourself. This car is a collectible auctioned around $1,300,000. It's a really huge bargain for a car. It's even rare when there is 200 of them made as one of them were bought by Bill Gates, the 4th richest person on Earth. If you find one on the wild, you're extremely lucky.


The 90's is a golden decade of sports cars and supercars because there are a lot of great cars to choose them.

5. Subaru WRX STI 22B

The Subaru WRX STI 22B, also known as the rally kings rivaled against its enemy, the Lancer EVO, is the best rally JDM car. Honestly, if this Subaru is favorite car or JDM car, you have a extremely strong taste of cars, especially Ethan Degge who love this car very much. It is also the only Subaru who doesn't have four doors so you can enjoy this car by yourself or with a dog.

4. Jaguar XJ220

If there is any Jaguar better than this car in the 90's it would be this car. First of all, it has a powerful V6 on this supercar (not a hypercar) and with a top speed of 212 miles per hour. It has a not so mean looks of the car, just a happy, sleeping supercar when it's parked. But when the engine is on, this car will go mean as hell and has a personality to make you curse.

3. Ferrari F50 and Mercedes CLK GTR

These two underrated supercars got nothing to fool you. The both are from different countries with almost the same design. Well maybe not the same design but when you look at both of these cars, you might see something similar. The small spoiler, the V12 engine and even a nice styling car. They even have a race car version that is actually great. But their normal versions will be forever be legendary.

2. McLaren F1

Wait wait wait, McLaren F1 in second place? Why? Well it's special I know (ok maybe not), three seats, BMW's V12 engine on their old M8 and a lot of iconic versions of them like the longtail, LM and the GTR. It has hold the record speed for 7 years, have golden engine bays and have side storage bins that a few hypercars have. But what's the number one car then? It's an Italian car

1. Lamborghini Diablo SV

This V12 Italian supercar form Lamborghini named after a demon, this car is a legendary car and looks better than the F40 because it doesn't have the two pairs of headlights that make this car look weird. This raging bull from the hell may not be the fastest car but it is the legendary supercar forever. It even looks better than the McLaren F1 because the car is all made by Lamborghini, itself and also from the Lamborghini V12 family. From all of these excluding the Miura, the Diablo SV is the best generation in the V12 family.


The 2000's is a real golden era of cars from the queen of the sounding cars to the orange beauty.

5. Ferrari Enzo

This car made for the tribute on Enzo Ferrari was created with 400 units made. It was also the 4th generation of the legendary Ferrari V12. It's even one of the best V12 cars in this era so there is a lot of great noise and sound. The Enzo has nothing much to say because it's too pretty to be perfect and I really like this car since it was one of the last manual Ferraris.

4. Lamborghini Murcielago SV

This car with the loudest V12 is one of the best sounding supercars too because of it's mighty roar that can shatter your ears with a smile on your face. This supercar is also the last Lamborghini V12 model with a manual and it even has a looks of pulling Ferraris out of the heavens and putting them into hell.

3. Lotus Esprit and Corvette C5

This two cars are placed in Top 3 because they both have something special. These cars are the final ones with the pop-up headlights. The pop-up headlights make the car look cool and pretty but it's gone because no one ever made a car with this kind of headlights anymore as today they make cars without the headlights and try to make it aggressive and unique still makes it really boring than the pop-up headlights which makes the car pretty or badass.

2. Pagani Zonda Cinque

This supercar as one of my favorites is also one of the most beautiful modern cars too with the signature leaf-shaped mirrors and the round shaped exhausts at the rear end. It even look better than most of the modern cars and the Huayra. It even looks cooler than the original Zonda as they improved their own cars. Adding up with the Mercedes engine, it has a great sound in a quiet yet, loud noise.

1. Lexus LFA and Porsche Carrera GT

These two cars have something special in common too. Their legendary sounds, the LFA as the king of the sounding cars and the Carrera GT as the queen of the sounding cars. The LFA is just a really aggressive car with a help of Yamaha as their prototype and music, making a V10 makes this car the best while the Porsche Carrera GT as a beautiful car known as with Porsche's own V10. Even when the LFA is slower than other supercars, or the Carrera GT is not reliable, they both will remain legendary.


The 2010's is a great era of supercars because of my decent taste of cars, it is really simple. Well maybe not because they are a lot of cool ones.

5. Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

As my most beautiful modern car with the Black Series kits as its makeup, this car is strongly at Top 5 because it's astonishing. Every angle you see it's a piece of German modern art, not Italian but German. I know some of you will argue it's not but can we appreciate Mercedes tried so hard to make this car more beautiful? They successfully did it and it's beautiful. It even has gullwing doors which is not too common for a car like this and it's perfect to put this door for the SLS AMG at the beginning. I love it.

4. Bugatti Veyron

This hypercar is known as the "Child's Dream Car" because of one thing, the speed. It was used to be the fastest car in its time and everyone wanted to buy this car, even the rich. The W16 engine makes this car even rare because 16 cylinder engines, are too rare to exist. It even has some various versions like the SuperSports, 1:64 and the Vitesse which is a roadster Veyron.

3. Aston Martin Vanquish

I know it's the only Aston Martin in this list but there will be more in the honorable mentions, so let's move on the Vanquish. The Vanquish is a beautiful GT car and even looks better than the DBS Superleggera and the DB11 due to Aston Martin secret weapon, the "Golden Ratio" give them an advantage to make this simply beautiful car. Every angle you see it's beautiful from front, side, rear and even the top, no matter which angle you're facing, it looks gorgeous like a real diamond car. You can even get the Volante version which looks better.

2. Ford GT

The resurrection of one of the best cars is simply cool. Actually, it's also one of the best resurrections from the Ford GT. It is Ford's first active rear wing they added on their own car. Despite having a V6 instead of a V8 and the shaped on the rear view that looks like a pig, this car is simply a great supercar (or a hypercar). It even looks like a rocket ship when you look at the top view of the car.

1. Toyota Prius

Just kidding it's not the real one. Just scroll down to find the true Top 1

1. The Holy Trinity

Yes, those three hypercars that formed a group has become the iconic hypercar called the "Holy Trinity". These cars are, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari LaFerrari. They all came in different countries as British, Germany and Italy. Let's take a look in these three cars.

The McLaren P1 has a V8 made by McLaren and the acceleration is really fast. With a happy face and the cool rear view, this car look stunning. As the 918, it also have a V8 but with a great F1 sound and it's AWD instead of RWD with a unique exhaust placement. The LaFerrari has a V12 instead with the mean looks and a the fastest car in the group with 231 mph.

I don't care whether if you say the beautifully made P1 is the best, the F1 sounding 918 or the most aggressive LaFerrari. They all are great cars. And I don't mind if you hate one of them, it's your opinion and my opinion too.

Anyways, here are some honorable mentions as no car manufacture limit


Aston Martin DB5, Toyota 2000GT, Ferrari 250 GTO, Ford GT40, Dodge Charger


Lamborghini Countach, Porsche 917K, Alfa Romeo Montreal, Porsche 930 911 Turbo, Dodge Daytona


Ford Escort, Toyota MR2, Porsche 944, Toyota Corolla AE86, Aston Martin V8 Vantage


Dodge Viper, Bugatti EB110, Mazda RX7, BMW 850CSi, Acura NSX


Aston Martin One-77, 05' Ford GT, Ferrari 599 GTB, 09' SRT Viper ACR, Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series, SSC Ultimate Aero, Corvette C6 ZR1, Koenigsegg CCX, Maserati MC12


Koenigsegg One:1, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Porsche 911 997 GT3 RS 4.0, Pagani Zonda R, Pagani Huayra Roadster, Koenigsegg Regera, Lamborghini Aventador

Also it's only my opinion so don't take it too serious.

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