5 Best First Cars For Enthusiasts In India!

Do you live in India and need a fun first car? Here are some suggestions!

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2005 Skoda Octavia VRS

The Skoda Octavia VRS was the first ever car to get the VRS badge, it is a FWD sedan/estate (FINDING THE ESTATE IS A HEADACHE IN INDIA) and came with a 1.8 litre turbocharged inline 4-cylinder which produced about 150 HP, 210 NM of torque, mated with a 5 speed Manual transmission. You can find good examples on OLX (India's Ebay) for ₹2,00,000 to about ₹4,00,000 depends upon the condition and kilometers it has done, there is a lot of aftermarket support as this car was made for UK and Europe aswell and not just India. You also can do Stage 1/2/3 remaps from tuners like Code6, Etuners etc. If you want help you can always find forums from Europe or UK as these cars are no different from European cars.

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

Credits - Autocar India

Credits - Autocar India

The Polo GT TSI is one of India's favorite tuner cars. It has the most tuning capacity as the engine is a 1.0 litre turbocharged 4-cylinder mated to a 6 speed DSG gearbox, it is one of the most famous hot hatches in India, there many car enthusiasts who own them so find wheel specs or any help makes it easy. You can buy one brand new from the showroom for ₹9,99,900 (ex-showroom) or can buy used examples for ₹8,00,000.

2012 Skoda Laura VRS

Credits - IndianAutoBlog

Credits - IndianAutoBlog

The 2012 Skoda Laura VRS is essentially a 2012 Octavia VRS, but in India it was named the Laura VRS, it has the same 1.8 litre turbocharged inline 4-cylinder with 160 HP and a 5 speed manual transmission. You would prefer this car over the 2005 Octavia VRS that I mentioned above just because of its looks and is a better place to sit in. You can find one for about ₹6,00,000 as the prices have gone up due to shortage in production of cars.

2003 Honda City 1.5 VTEC

Credits - Evo India

Credits - Evo India

You might have heard the phrase, "VTEC kicked in Yo!". Well there is a car that was sold in India that gave this experience, it was none other than the 2003 Honda City 1.5, It had a 1.5 litre 4-cylinder VTEC engine that produced produce somewhere around 100 HP mated with a 5 speed manual transmission. You can find one for around ₹2,00,000. If you want more performance out of it, you can go to Race Concepts and get it tuned.

2011 Ford Fiesta S

This was the top of the line S model of the Fiesta lineup in 2011, it had a 1.6 litre DURATEC inline 4-cylinder Engine producing 101 HP and 146 NM of torque mated with a 5 speed manual transmission. You can find one for about ₹3,00,000 or less. There are many tuners that can tune this engine but you might need dig in the forums for them.


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  • For a measly 11 lakh (yes) you can get a brand new i20 N line

      2 months ago
  • Mitsubishi lancer is also a strong contender. It had many segment first features for its time (in india that is). If you can get over some things about the car( low GC, electricals, availability of spares, servicing etc) it's a steal.

      2 months ago