5 bizarre facts about batmobile, you most probably never knew

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A few weeks ago, I woke up in the morning and had an idea to write about the top three super hero vehicles of all time. So, thank you for reading and here is the link to the article if you haven't.

The poll at the end, clearly had a winner. 70% out of 387 who took the poll (279.9 to be exact) decided that Batmobile is and forever shall be the greatest superhero vehicle of all time. The cap crusader is very proud, and if he was not climbing tall buildings for no reason at all and then jump of them to deploy his wings, he or she (secret identity is very important) would have been here to thank you in person.

For over 75 years, the Batmobile has been racing across Gotham city streets, saving innocent citizens and reducing crime statistics. Throughout his long crime fighting history, the caped crusader has used many weird and Wonderful gadgets. However, all these gadgets pale in comparison when pitted against the “Batmobile”. The Batmobile is one of the most revered and somewhat intimidating vehicles of all-time. Along its long history, it has been redesigned, and with every iteration, it has been given backstories and more gadgets you can shake a stick at.

The pages of Gotham daily newspapers are littered with snippets of articles about the caped crusader ride and we had to search high and low to find some dirt on this iconic vehicle. So, turn off the bat signal and settle down with hot cup of coco, as we count down the top 5 fun facts about Batmobile.

5 – Holy Robert Louis Stevenson – its Red Hot

The bat is well known for his stealth and predisposition to black, so you may find this odd that the first Batmobile was actually a red-hot rod. Introduced in the Batman's very first appearance, Detective Comics #27, there was nothing special about this Batmobile; it wasn’t packing any ‘bat’-inspired features or emblems.

4 – Holy Split Seconds, it’s a Dark Knight’s ferocious beast

It all started With the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty, which heralded the floodgates for superhero vehicles to be stocked full of gadgets and devices to aid them in their crusade against injustice. Almost each version of the Batmobile had some new or special gadgetry.

The Batmobile is well equipped with an arsenal of lethal and non-lethal rounds of ammunition and missiles. The Batmobile is also stocked to the top with separate gadgets, not usable by the car itself. For instance, there are spare costumes for both Batman, extra utility belts, gas masks, hazmat suits, and even rafts.

3 – Holy Sky Rocket, it’s a Lab and Computer on Four Wheels

Somehow, Batman has managed to fit an on-board lab and supercomputer inside. The super lab was laters replaced by smaller pieces of useful medical equipment and smaller CSI lab kits, which in my opinion was unforgivable, as It allowed Batman to assess crime scenes and get fast results.

The Batmobile is nothing short of a supercomputer on wheels. It provided advanced computations capability that Batman needs on the go, which is aided by a link-up to the Batcomputer back in the Batcave.

2 – Holy Madness Bat Builds

Batmobile obviously has some very enhanced specs. The engine is highly advanced, coupled with added booster capabilities and an enhanced suspension. The engine itself is a particularly powerful beast, one that can easily reach speeds of over 100 mph in just seconds. With just the engine alone, the Batmobile has been said to be able to reach up to 230 mph. However, with the added turbo boosters, the Batmobile has clocked in at speeds between 330 and 350 mph.

1 – Batmobiles Don't Fix Themselves

Does it require an MOT? How about Road tax? Who repairs it? Most of the time, Batman and Alfred are the two only people who maintain and build the Batmobiles. However, did you know, there is a lesser known character who actually had a very close relationship with the Batmobile named Harold Allnut. Batman’s go-to mechanic once upon a time, Harold was a engineering genius who would maintain and tweak each Batmobile.

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