5 Brazen Armored Car Heists That Remain Unsolved

Check out some Brazen Armored Car Heists That Remain Unsolved.

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1.The Rutledge Berkshire Armored Car Services Depot Theft

There was a bright sunny day, At about 6:00 AM, on January 31, 2002, two security guards arrived at the Berkshire Armored Car Services Depot in Rutledge, Vermont, to start their shift. After some period of time the two security guards were tied up by a lone gunman wearing a mask with a thick New York accent. He then brought in a vehicle, thought to be a van that was found a short time later, and took all the money in the vault. Leaving away other things, the man ran away with a large amount of money[$ 1.9 million]. The FBI questioned many people about the robbery. The people even had the palm print but didn't rectify the theft.

2.The Lynnwood Loomis Robbery

It was the late morning of February 19, 1991, and 48-year-old Peter Berg and 33-year-old Jeffrey Pease were making a delivery to a large grocery store in Lynnwood, Washington. Berg was driving the truck, and when Jeffrey returned to the truck with the store’s receipts, two men approached the truck. In front of shoppers, one started beating Pease, and the other one started firing at the truck. Berg jumped out off the truck and started firing the two men, but all the shots were missed. The out there shooted Berg seven times and he was killed very badly. The two gunmen grabbed some bags that contained just over $20,000 ($35,000 when accounting for inflation) and fled the scene. Luckily, Pease survived the shooting.

3.The Plymouth Mail Truck Robbery

On August 14, 1962, a mail truck with armed postal workers was heading from Cape Cod to the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston, Massachusetts. Their cargo was $1.5 million that they had collected from several banks in the Cape Cod area. As soon as the mail truck entered the Highway, after some time the truck came across a police barricade with two officers standing in front of their police cars, and they directed them to a drive with a dead end that was hidden from the highway. The two officers were not the officers but can say they were robbers.hey charged at the truck with sawed-off shotguns and disarmed the two men in the truck. The postal workers were tied up and blindfolded. Then 16 bags of money, worth $11 million when adjusted for inflation, were loaded onto a waiting vehicle. At the time, it was the biggest robbery in the history of the United States.

4. The Yurakucho Mitsubishi Bank Robbery

On November 18, 1986, an armored vehicle from the Bank of Japan arrived at a branch of the Mitsubishi Bank in the Yurakucho neighborhood of Tokyo. Mean while two men came on the motorcycle and sprayed some special chemical on there face. They grabbed two aluminum cases and four bags, all of which contained about $2 million (worth about $4.3 million in 2015).

5.The Brooklyn Delicatessen Caper

On November 19, 1969, three guards driving a Wells Fargo truck went to the Aqueduct Racetrack in Brooklyn, New York, and picked up $2 million. Then, following union rules, they stopped at a delicatessen that was about 10 minutes away from the racetrack. Making sure one guard was in the truck at all times, they all took turns leaving the truck for a lunch break. When the third guard returned to the truck, the other two guards opened the door, and they found two men holding the guard at gunpoint. The two gunmen and the third guard got into the truck with the two other guards, and they were joined by the third robber in the truck. The three guards were handcuffed, and the robbers put money bags over their heads.

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