5 Car-related things the Simpsons predicted

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If you have ever even switched on your TV you will know the Simpsons. Having spent the last 25 years on our screens, not only has it brought us joy but they have also predicted many things such as, Donald Trump becoming president, giant mutated Tomatoes and the iPhone.

As well as those, the Simpsons have also predicted some car related things. So, here are five car-related things the Simpsons have predicted (it's shockingly accurate).

The Rise of the SUV

In this episode, Marge gets a new car which happens to be the 'Canyoneroooo-woah-ooo' which is an SUV. This graced our screens more than a decade before the 4X4 became so popular in the UK. It made its appearance back in 1998 in season 9 'The Last Temptation of Krust'.

It's hard to tell what the Canyonero is based on but we're pretty sure it's a cross between the Jeep Grand Wagoneer and the gen 1 Range Rover. In this episode it was described as having “the smooth handling of a European sports car with the rugged drivability of a sturdy 4x4”.

Seeing this episode really makes you wonder if this caused the rise of the SUV and also aggressive behaviour on the road.

Outrageous Personalisation Options

We all know Homer for being silly but perhaps he wasn't all that thick after all. He decided to build the best car he could, resulting in this monstrosity. But, was there method behind his madness?

While factory fitted options weren't that popular back in the early-mid 2000s, they are now and some can be relatively outrageous. Homer's came with muzzles for children, bubble domes you sit in and horns that play 'La Cucaracha'. While, your average Range Rover dealer wouldn't spec these options for you, it does show the imminent arrival of silly options.

Nowadays you can pay silly money for a paint job, interior wood, pieces of in-car art.

Cars that have the ability to call for help

Back in the 90s when this episode came out, the idea of driving an electric car still seemed a little silly. But now, it is fairly normal.

In this episode, Homer agrees to test drive a electric car called the Elec-Taurus in exchange for a free gift. To me it looks a little like the Citroen DS which I think is quite cool. Later in the episode, Homer crashes the car off a cliff and sets it on fire (did they predict Tesla fires too?...). It is then revealed that as the car was damaged it sent a message back to the dealer saying "Help, Help, it burns."

This is very much like Vauxhall's OnStar system and BMW's Assist which in the event of an emergency, the driver can press an SOS button which is mounted on the ceiling. Once they press this they alert paramedics of the incident.

Return of the Delorean?

This point may seem a little far-fetched but hear me out. In this episode, Troy McClure is losing his career until he is seen with Selma (Marge's sister). Troy owns an old car which happens to be a Delorean DMC-12.

Selma revived Troy's career after being see with him and 19 years later, the Delorean Motor Company announced they would revive the production of Troy's car, the DMC-12.

Driverless Cars - Tesla Semi

If you've been keeping up with the recent car news, you will know about the rise and controversy of autonomous cars. Nowadays, most car manufacturers are working on making driverless cars. But, this episode is a good 20 years before.

In the episode, Homer and Bart have the responsibility of delivering some artichokes and migrant workers to Atlanta after the truck’s original driver, Red Barclay, was killed during a steak eating contest, how American!

After falling asleep at the wheel, Homer wakes up to find that the truck had driven itself down a hill and had parked up at a nearby fuel station. This was all thanks to a device called the 'Navitron Autodrive', a system secretly installed by the truckers so their vehicles could drive themselves while the driver could just “sit back and feel your ass grow”, as Homer says.

What else will they predict?

So, we have seen the rise of SUVs, electric cars, driverless cars, silly optional extras and the Delorean. What will the Simpsons predict next?