5 cars that could make or break their makers

These cars have a lot of expectations that they must fulfill

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Remember what happened when the Porsche Cayenne was launched? Purists didn’t like that fact that Porsche was making an SUV. In the end though, it saved the brand.

But why are we talking about Porsche and the Cayenne? That’s because in this article we are going to talk about five new cars that can make or break their makers.

Aston Martin DBX

Many eyebrows were raised when the Aston decided to make an SUV. The people who knew what was happening with Aston at the time though understood the decision. Such is the nature of the automotive industry that in order to increase the sales figures, a car maker has to think about making an SUV.

If the DBX is a success, then Aston will have funds for making a new halo car. If it fails though, Aston might find them in a position in which coming out is very tough. So far though, the DBX looks to be a success.

Maserati MC20

Everybody’s been excited from the moment Maserati announced that it was going to make a sports car. For the past few years, Maserati has been overshadowed by its elder brother - Ferrari. So the fact that the Italian was making a sports car all by itself tingled our fancies and gave us the signs that the Maserati that we love is on its way back.

First impressions of the MC20 are good and this could be the most pivotal car in the brand’s history. If it’s a success, Maserati will be back where it belongs - as a true blue-blooded supercar maker. If it fails though, then Maserati might have to go back to making fast grand tourers and let it’s elder brother Ferrari take all the applauds.

Nissan 400Z

Nissan Z Proto

Nissan Z Proto

Nissan find themselves in a very weird position. They have an old GT-R on sale which they can’t seem to replace quickly, and at the same time they don’t have an answer to cars like the Toyota Supra like they had in the past. Now though, the Japanese car maker has announced that it will be releasing a new Z car, something that many people have been waiting for.

The Z Proto (pictured above) gives us a hint of how the 400Z could look like. Once again two situations can arise: If the 400Z impresses, then the boffins at Nissan will be encouraged to release a GT-R successor capable of pulling the 911’s pants down, like the GT-R did years ago.

If it fails though, then Nissan might have to step out of the performance car segment and turn its focus to making more Nissan Qashqais.

Lotus Evija

Finally Lotus have stopped releasing not-so-refreshed versions of the Exige and Elise and have turned their heads to making something ground-breaking - an electric hypercar. As much as the world is worried about saving polar bears and looks towards electric cars, we also want to extract every little bit of performance from them and the Lotus Evija shows just that.

Deemed to be the most powerful production car to date with its 2000 horsepower headline figure, the Evija can shape Lotus’ future. If it's a success then Lotus shall establish itself with the big boys and if it fails to impress, then people will start to think that Lotus has lost all its mojo.

TVR Griffith

TVR’s situation is very similar to the one in which Lotus find themselves, though in this case, it's a bit too dangerous. TVR don’t have cars like the Elise or Exige on sale. They are looking to bring themselves back with the help of a new halo car in the shape of the Griffith.

With the Griffith, TVR can show that they have got their mojo back and look towards securing a sizeable amount of money which shall make them capable for further success. If the Griffith isn’t a success, then we might not be able to see TVR again.

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Comments (24)

  • great article. The 400Z is to Nissan (more or less) what the Supra is to Toyota: it's great if it works out but it's not the end of the world for the company if it doesn't. 100 % a make or break move for Aston and Maserati.

      7 months ago
  • I would add the forthcoming Tonale as well.

    TVR is broken.

      7 months ago
  • Great Article 😀

      7 months ago
  • When it comes to break company, BMW 507 (convertible) and 508 (couple) have to be added to the list. Both models were voted by motoring writers as pretties, it not the pretties cars of the Century. Both were meant smash Mercedes dominance of US market, yet every single car was sold at a loss plus cost of development. All that brought BMW very close to bankruptcy. Luckily Quandt family, who are still major shareholders, stepped in and rescued BMW.

      7 months ago
    • I think this list is about current cars that could make or break they’re makers. But you are right about the 507/508 but that belongs on another list.

        7 months ago
  • I agree that the nose of the new fairlady isn't what you could call beautiful, but it's a fact that the old fairlady also had a complete rectangle-grill

      7 months ago