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5 cars that had pink special editions

35w ago


We love special editions of cars, sometimes it means obvious performance gains, sometimes it just means some different colours and so on.

And these cars have some very 'out there' colours. Yes they are all pink and you should see them all...

1. Citroen DS3 Pink Special Edition

Credit: http://www.1zoom.me/pt/wallpaper/364827/z1379.4/2048x1365

The Citroen isn't so out there, but hey it really is pink. Partly. In 2014 Citroen introduced a DS3 Pink Special Edition. They didn't go full barbie on the exterior, but they did went and painted the roof and the door mirrors pink. At least it isn't so out there right?

Credit: http://powercars-br.blogspot.com/2011/07/1966-nova-ss-real-118-car-350.html

There are also some discrete changes that nobody is going to see on the roof. Citroen printed some fancy graphics on top of the pink. Citroen did also painted the centre console and the gear knob inside the car pink as well.

2. Fiat 500 Barbie Concept

Credit: http://vehiclemgz.com/hd-wallpaper-2009-fiat-500-barbie-concept-4k.html

Fiat collaborated with Barbie to create the Fiat 500 Barbie Concept in 2009. It's literally pink everywhere, as you can see. There are not much mechanical changes as you'd expect, but Fiat just decided what the heck, they'd make a completely pink Fiat 500, suits it well don't you think?

Credit: https://www.newcars.cf/2009-fiat-500-barbie-concept/37/2019-fiat-500-barbie-concept-car-photos-catalog-2018.html

Fiat absolutely went mad on the interior. It stuck some plastic blingy stickers on the steering wheel, the badge and the gear knob. The floor mats are also made of straws, probably because of some unknown Barbie tales that we haven't heard about. The seats are also trimmed in white and pink leatherette, because why not.

3. Rolls Royce FAB1 Ghost


Ex Top Gear presenter Chris Evans had set up the FAB1 Million project to raise one million pounds for Breast Cancer Care. This Ghost Extended Wheelbase was specifically built by Rolls Royce. The Rolls will make appearances at exclusive events across the world as well as being available for hire for special days, with all proceeds directly benefiting Breast Cancer Care.

Credit: https://apsleycars.wordpress.com/2013/11/15/rolls-royce-phantom-fab1/

Inside the pink Ghost, Rolls Royce obviously hasn't skimmed on the quality. There are of course top-notch leather everywhere, with hints of pink on the headrests, armrests, door cards and carpets. Somehow this whispers class don't you think?


Volkswagen was once frustrated, because it's customers would walk into the dealership and ask if there was an option for a pink Beetle. The answer was unfortunately no. Until then, because back in 2017, Volkswagen finally produced a pink Beetle, rightfully named #pinkbeetle. Yes with the hashtag, because that represents the modern age, and that you wouldn't have to think of a new hashtag when showing off on Instagram.

Volkswagen didn't go crazy with pink in the interior, like the Fiat. They just made some pink bits here and there, and stitched some pink lines on their tartan fabric on the seats. The steering wheel also has a pink bit of trim on there, but the colour doesn't quite match the rest of the trims, that would put people with OCD off for sure.

5. Mitsubishi Mirage Hello Kitty Edition

Credit: https://unwire.hk/2013/10/31/mitsubishi-mirage-hello-kitty-limited-edition/news/

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty the cartoon cat, Mitsubishi released a special edition of the MIrage hatchback by painting the entire car pink. Not only that, they've also put on some Hello Kitty stickers on the bumpers, doors and fuel filler cap. Also those wheels, they are wheels that have the classic bow tie of Hello Kitty. How cute is that!

Credit: https://unwire.hk/2013/10/31/mitsubishi-mirage-hello-kitty-limited-edition/news/

Inside the Hello Kitty mobile things didn't go all pink. They just printed many Hello Kitties on the seats. They'd even give you a Hello Kitty cushion for free when you buy the car. How nice is that?

Which one of these pink mobiles do you like most? Tell us in the comments!