5 cars that have more horsepower per liter than a Ferrari 488 GTB

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With a 3.9L twin turbo V8 replacing the old 9000 RPM 4.5L screamer, the 488 already seems like a bit of a let down. It loses 0.6L in displacement, gains two turbochargers, and loses 1000 rpm to a redline of ‘just 8000 rpm.’ Despite this, it make 661 HP and 560 LB-FT. That’s up 99 HP and 168 LB-FT compared to the 458 it replaces. Because of that, it makes a very impressive 169 HP per liter, one of the highest in the non million dollar club. But here are 5 cars that put it to shame when it comes to horsepower per liter (yes I am going to include hypercars in this one.)

But first, what is HP per liter?

For those who don’t know, HP per liter is sorta self explanatory. It’s how much HP a car makes per one liter of displacement. Some are very high, like the 488, and some are low, like a Dodge Viper (76.7 HP/liter). Now that that’s sorted, lets get on with the list.

Number five: Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio

Using a 2.9L twin turbo V6 (which is quite similar to the V8 used in the California T, as much as Ferrari wants to deny it), this M3 killer makes a rather large amount of power: 505 to be exact, which ends up being 174 HP per liter which completely destroys the 488. So basically, it’s a 4 door Ferrari. Just look at that paint. Absolutely gorgeous.

Number 4: McLaren 675LT

Yes, that’s twice now a McLaren has featured on my recent articles, but where as last time it dealt with weight, this time it deals with power and this Mac makes plenty of it. In fact, it’s more powerful than the Ferrari. It makes 666 HP (675 PS) from the 3.8L ‘M838T’ twin turbo V8, which then equals 175.2 HP per liter.

Number three: McLaren 720S

As this is the second McLaren to make this list, might as well make it the fastest one currently on sale. The 720S uses a iteration of the M838T used in just about everything including but not limited to: 12C, 12C spider, 12C GT3, 12C Sprint, 12C GT Can-AM, 650S, 650S Spyder, 650S GT3, 650S Sprint, 675LT, 675LT Spyder, 570S, 570S GT4, 570S Sprint, 570GT, 570S Spyder, P1, P1 LM, and P1 GTR. Now called the M840T, it now displaces 4.0L and makes 720 PS (710 HP), and 177.5 HP/ liter. However, it makes just a tad more than what McLaren is saying.

Number two: Volvo V60/S60 Polestar

It doesn’t get much bluer than that. Even though Polestar has just revealed it’s own car, the S60 and V60 are a lot more understated in terms of looks (maybe if bought in black or white.) Under the hood however is a different story. Lift it up and in front of you sits a 2.0L turbocharged and supercharged 4 cylinder making a rather hefty 367 HP and a WHOPPING 181 HP A LITER!!!! That’s more 20 HP more than an entire Fiat 500 Abarth! All that power is sent through an 8 speed automatic to all four wheels.

Twincharged 4 pot

Twincharged 4 pot

Honorable Mentions

McLaren P1 (gas): 191 HP/Liter

Porsche 911 GT2RS: 184 HP/liter

Mercedes CLA45 AMG, A45 AMG, and GLA45 AMG: 187.5 HP/liter

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ-440: 220 HP/Liter

Number one: Koenigsegg One:1

With a 5.0L, 1341 HP twin turbo V8, the Swedes are going crazy for power. Born in Ängelholm, Sweden, the One:1 makes a stratospheric 268 HP/Liter. That’s as much as a Cadillac CTS makes from the factory and almost 100 more than the 488 can crank out. Keep in mind that’s without any batteries or electric motor. All that power is sent through the rear wheels via a 7 speed DCT. Even though it hasn’t been officially tested, Koenigsegg claims it will do 270 mph. And to top off the cake, it can run on E85 or normal gasoline, which gives some flexibility

Also the first person to guess what all these cars have in common you’ll get a cookie

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  • WTF? Polestar is on the 2nd place having 2.0 liter with 362 HP, but AMG's 45s having 2.0 liter with 376 HP is only as honorable mention.. The same goes to Evo. Don't really understand the logic of this "article"..

      3 years ago
    • That's just the way things are. I wanted to put the Volvo there mostly because it had more to do with that 2.0L. Just about everyone has a 2.0L turbo 4 but slap a supercharger on there and then you got something a little outside the box. That's one...

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        3 years ago
  • all are turbocharged

    now am I getting a cookie???

      3 years ago
  • I'd add the forthcoming Fiesta ST. It's supposed to have 197hp from a 1.0 liter triple. That's some simple arithmetic. Also, it'll be highly affordable compared to... everything else even close.

      3 years ago