5 cars that the McLaren 675LT is heavier than

    A brief article showing how fat a light Mac can be

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    With more posts just like it, I’ve decided to have my swing at it, with 10 cars the McLaren 675LT is heavier than.

    Coming in at 2927 pounds, the LT is a lightweight. But that doesn’t stop it from being heavier than the following cars

    Number 5: Toyota Corolla

    Yes that’s right, a simple A-B machine is lighter than a McLaren 675LT. Coming to the scales at 2840 pounds it is a mere 87 pounds lighter than the Mac while being a lot less exciting

    Number 4: Ferrari Laferrari

    This car, despite all the batteries, electric motors, and the big 6.3L V12, is almost as heavy as the BRZ. The Ferrari comes in at just 2761 pounds making it 166 pounds lighter than the McLaren, but 11 pounds heavier than the BRZ (which isn’t a whole lot)

    Number 3: Toyobaru BRZ86

    Pictured: Subaru BRZ

    Pictured: Subaru BRZ

    Tipping the scales at just 2755 pounds, the BRZ is almost 170 pounds lighter than the McLaren. Even though it doesn’t have much weight to lug around in the first place. It has a 2.0L flat four boxer engine making 200 hp which rockets the Subaru to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds.

    Number 2: Lamborghini Miura SV

    Coming in at just 2745 pounds, it is 182 pounds lighter than the LT, even though it’s less powerful, slower, and older. However, it goes to show that you don’t need a whole lot of tech to go very fast. When it was released in 1971 (SV) it had a top speed of 170 mph (300 kph). Just because it was old, doesn’t mean it skips out on power either. According to Topspeed.com it says that it makes 385 HP and 295 LB-FT from it’s 4.0L carbed V12.

    Number one: Suzuki Jimny

    Weighing at just 2431 pounds, the little Suzuki that could is nearly 500 pounds lighter than the LT, and although it won’t be as capable on track, it is the perfect little apocalypse survival vehicle.

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