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5 Cars that will try to kill you no matter what. (PT2)

When it comes to speaking about high-performance cars, We will always talk about the fastest cars if it comes to speak about high-performance vehicles but... in the chase to innovate and create the best high performance vehicles for driving on both the track and the street the human being has created machines that are beyond his control, machines with their own will that don`t want to be controlled by anything or anyone, only tamed by their chosen drivers they let themselves be controlled.

for both of your enjoyment and fear... here are another 5 cars that will try to kill you no matter what.

Renault R8 Gordinni.


Although his appearance is nothing terrifying compared to the Plymouth Fury of the movie Christine the Renault R8 Gordinni was known as a widowmaker in Spain, not because it had a high horsepower engine, The Renault R8 Gordinni was offered with a 4 speed manual transmission and a 1.1cc 4 cylinder engine on the trunk pushing 96hp at the rear wheels.

The R8 Gordinni was one of the few cheap alternatives young folks had to more expensive cars like the Seat 127 or the Alpine A110, However this car as many widowmakers had a design flaw which made them deadly to drive, Not only the car had a tendency to Oversteer by the engine placed on the back, the poor weight distribution would also make the car tend to understeer usually losing control on tight corners due to such poor weight distribution alongside having a suspension that despite having dual shock absorbers and stiffer springs on the rear axle the car would still sway like a boat on a storm rolling over on its side on the worst of cases, and even if putting a sack of sand or bricks on the trunk at the front managed to balance it a bit it still wasn`t enough, The weight on the rear would still beat the weight on the front causing a good deal of deadly oversteer.

Chevrolet Corvair


Although it may not seem like it The Chevrolet Corvair was not a conventional car just like the Renault Gordinni, just like the Gordinni the engine was behind and had rear-wheel drive.

Sold in the United States in the 60s the Chevrolet Corvair looked like a conventional sedan but given its distribution of the engine the front was like a gigantic trunk in which to store everything you wanted, and did not have a tendency to oversteer like the Gordinni, One of his most deadly failures was the swing axle suspension which was prone to tuck under the car in certain circumstances, In order to make it up for the lack of a front stabilizer bar owners of the Chevrolet Corvair required to apply tire pressures that were outside of the recommended tolerances by that time in order to compensate for the lack of a stabilizer bar.

If you went for an equal tire pressure on the front & back tires the result of it would be an extremely dangerous oversteer, the pressures also rendered the front tires overloaded when there were more or two occupants onboard and even with one driver the front tires tended to lift making the car basically unsafe at any speed, this car suffered a lot of crashes and deaths until the end of it`s production even with the updated suspension components and stabilizer bars.

Porsche 911 Turbo


How could this be a compilation of deadly cars without the 911 turbo "Widowmaker"? The Porsche 911 turbo launched on the 70s wasn`t deadly due to the lack of driving aids we would struggle to drive without them, but rather it had a tendency to kill it`s drivers, although having the engine on the back helped the 911 corner at very high speeds in a pretty stable manner compared to other FR layout sportscars of that era the main deadly phenomenon of the 911 was a result of throttle-off oversteer, if you lifted too much the Accelerator on a corner the weight would shift forward causing the rear tires to lift losing grip and henceforth oversteering, Turbo lag was also another of the primary issues of the car, even if you knew not to lift too much the trotthle In 1974 turbos were still a new thing to the public and most turbocharged cars suffered of turbo lag, when the turbo spun slowly and then the gases suddenly made it spin quicker the rear wheels would receive an incontrollable power surge that would cause the car to lose control, combined with the throttle-off oversteer the 911 turbo was certainly one of those cars you didn`t want to be near.

Lancia Stratos


And from Italy ... The Lancia Stratos, known as a legend of the rallies and the extinct group B equipped with a central V6 engine of 2.4L and 190 horsepower, however, in competition the car reached 280hp with the maximum being 480hp equipping a turbocharger in group 5.

This car can be considered a car that has a real "will" unlike the other cars involved in this compilation of deadly cars, Although many people expect the car to be deadly for the simple fact of having the engine on the back and being RWD without any assists you have to keep in mind the short wheelbase which made it very agile compared to its rivals, but when it came to tackling corners the car was VERY unpredictable,

Tested by many drivers and even demonstrated by them I can say that the car behaves as it wants, in the same corner and 3 attempts the car understeered on entry, oversteered strongly or simple oversteered when leaving it once the direction was already straight, many pilots claimed that this car practically did whatever it wanted with its pilots regardless of the technique they applied in order to bring it under control, and although there are no deaths reported in the internet I know that cars like this killed more than one driver for sure.

Mini Cooper 1300


And finally, to finish this compilation of cars that want to kill you no matter that I have chosen an unconventional car that is forgotten by many car enthusiasts, it is the Mini Cooper 1300, many will wonder why I have chosen it over Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Ferraris… I have to say that it has no rear engine or rear-wheel-drive or extreme amounts of horsepower, Just so you get an idea the that the Mini cooper 1300 is powered by a small 1.3-liter 4-cylinder engine making 68 horsepower to the front wheels, The mini cooper 1300 was a car used in rallies and the racetrack slaying American giants wherever they were slaughtering them on the corners.

Although it was agile in comparison to many cars it still had heavy steering… and even if the short wheelbase gave it agility the front-wheel drivetrain also was a disadvantage, It was pretty unstable during braking and tended to spin out when it was driven extremely hard but the more dangerous thing about this car wasn`t it`s a tendency to spin out but rather having accidents with it… In simple traffic collisions the Mini Cooper 1300 was extremely fragile in comparison to the giants it defeated at the racetrack, the horror stories about the steering column of the Mini cooper ending against the chest of their drivers pop everywhere you see, no matter if it was at 50kph or 100… that steering column would end against your chest skewering you badly so… it would be a good idea to just drive very slow on it if you were lucky to afford one.

Do you know an Even more deadly car? Let me know in the comments below!


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