5 Cars you could buy for the price of a Dacia Sandero (but probably shouldn't)

There's some exciting alternatives to the UK's cheapest car of 2019

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According to buyacar.co.uk, Dacia's Sandero is the UK's cheapest new car of 2019 at just £6995. Very reasonable I'm sure you agree, but a tad predictable. I thought I'd trawl Auto Trader to see what else you could (but probably shouldn't) get for your seven grand.

1: Bentley Turbo R - £6500

Back in 1992 this 6.8 litre Bentley Turbo R would've cost you well over £100,000. This one comes with the opulent magnolia leather interior and has covered a reasonable 108,000 miles. Sure, the big V8 won't deliver the MPG of the Sandero, but look at it! People will think you're loaded. They won't know the running costs will eventually bankrupt you.

2: Jaguar XK8 - £6995

The big cat is dead on the money of the Sandero, but with added luxury. A convertible roof, a 4 litre V8 and just 92,000 miles on the clocks make this the a serious Sandero contender.

3: Mercedes S Class S500 - £6990

The S500 was near the top of the S Class tree for Mercedes in 2006. This 7G Tronic version has taken a stupendous dive in price, now down to just £6990. The S class has always been a pioneer for new technology and the 06 S500 featured an infrared night vision camera, radar-guided cruise control with distance management, air suspension and a million seat adjustment configurations. Luxury has never been so affordable.

4: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA - £5950

The Alfa has to be the bargain of the list. The real driver's car - May, Hammond and Clarkson say owning an Alfa is almost a rite of passage for the true petrolhead. Their 3.2 litre V6 was a real masterpiece, and even the reports of horrendous torque steer didn't put people off. Today they are a real gem and possible future classic.

5: Maserati Quattroporte - £7495

Over £100,000 new, this almost seems too good to be true. Yes, it's £500 over budget but that's only two tank fulls of fuel in the Bentley (almost)

This stunning example in Ferrari Mirabeau Pearlescent blue with grigio full leather has just 106,000 miles on the clocks and a 4.2 litre V8 under the bonnet.

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