5 cheap car accessories

Improve your car's aesthetics and atmosphere with these gadgets under $30!

2y ago

5. Interior LED Strips

Are you the kind of the person who drives around like this?

Well say no more to boring, dark interiors! There are countless products online and in-stores, which are LED strips that stick to the underside of your dashboard with a simple, non-damaging adhesive.

They are RGB, colour-changing and controlled with either a remote or a phone app.

The power source is just your cigarette lighter port! That's it! Don't purchase the ones that involve rewiring your car's circuits.

To shorten the cables, use soldering skills, or if you're like me, just bundle and clamp them together, before hiding them on the underside of your dashboard.

4. Heads-Up-Display Unit

Are you too lazy to look down at the speedometer? Do you want all your driving details, including speed and revs displayed on the windscreen? Look no further, this gadget exists and is easily connected to your car using the provided OBDII cable!

Nearly all cars after 2000 should have an OBDII port, as its used by dealerships and workshops for car diagnostics, but make sure you check this before purchasing.


It works by extracting information from the car's computer and injects it into the HUD unit, which then projects it onto the windscreen.

Such speed. Many wow. Much display.

Such speed. Many wow. Much display.

3. Extended Third Brake Light

Does that tiny third brake light annoy you?

Do you ever wish you had a third brake light as large as a Bentley Continental or Audi A5?

Look no further! This will ensure your car will stand out and light up the whole hemisphere behind you! Installation does involve wiring and technical skills, however it's been achieved by countless people. Do not purchase a product that does not provide clear instructions.

You should probably remove the original though.

You should probably remove the original though.

2. Door Entry Light Projector

Are you bored of opening your car door at night and wishing you had a luxury limousine with a welcome light? I have the product just for you!

It involves minor technical skills, primarily removing a few covers and wiring these projectors under each door. When the door is opened, the light is turned out and projects whatever image you have selected! Whether it be your car brand or even your name (requires custom ordering and is sometimes pricy).

"I get 94 MPG".

"I get 94 MPG".

1. LED Coloured Headlights / Fog lights

Do you want to live on the edge of the law? Are you sick of those horrible halogen fog lights or boring daytime running lights?

You could replace it with some bright white LEDs, or you could get ones that can change colour. This doesn't work well with a Golf or a Civic, however it works really well with primarily muscle or mid to high-end German cars. Here's a few photos to show you what I mean.

The lighting colours are easily configured via either remote or a phone app depending on the exact product. If you are worried of the lights conflicting with the law, please check with your local motoring rules and regulations to avoid a defect notice.

Otherwise, you could always leave your fog lights on white, yellow or light blue and only use the other colours at a car gathering in car park!

Yes, it is somewhat ricer.


Thank you for reading, share your thoughts in the comments.

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Comments (37)

  • Shitty car mods

      2 years ago
  • ‘...or if you’re like me, just bundle and clamp them together, before hiding them on the underside of your dashboard.’

    You, sir, are going to hell.

      2 years ago
    • Hahaha, I’m terrible at soldering, I don’t really have much of a choice for now.

      It’s alright if Captain OCD can’t see the wiring at all though, no?

        2 years ago
  • These are all infinitely more interesting in theory than application.

      2 years ago
    • Maybe, the LED interior strips actually turned out better than I thought for me.

        2 years ago
  • if it isn't road legal in my country (Germany), I simply don't care at all. And most of these aren't...

      2 years ago
    • So having interior lights, a HUD, a third brake light, which many German factory cars already have, and a door entry projector, which again many German cars have, is illegal? Better check that again please.

        2 years ago
    • As aftermarket parts, they can be illegal. German regulations are sometimes weird, but always hard. And, believe it, or not, more often than not these regulations make a lot of sense. If you think a bit about them...

        2 years ago
  • You forgot to mention decals and other cheap stick-ons. I pride myself in that department.

      2 years ago