5 easy hacks for making your car feel a little less like a health hazard

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You can never look after your car well enough and – let’s face it – you’ve probably been neglecting your little piece of motoring joy recently. Is there rubbish in the door bins? Has a raccoon given birth in the front passenger footwell? And what the hell is that lingering smell from the back seat? You animal.

If your car needs some tender loving care, here’s our quick guide to getting things back in ship shape for some happy, satisfyingly clean miles behind the wheel.

Get scrubbing those air vents

Dust and general crud can quickly build up in your cabin vents, and they’re tricky blighters to clean.

One simple solution to dirty vents is to grab a cheap foam craft brush and lightly spray it with some gentle all-purpose cleaner (or simply water) to capture the dirt in the tightest of spaces. This also has the plus side of not filtering your cabin air supply through a film of dead skin cells. Thank us later.

Give your lights a new lease of life

There’s nothing worse than seeing an awesome car that’s blighted by a pair of foggy headlights, something that happens when the UV-protective layer on the plastic wears away.

A great hack for sorting this is to use toothpaste – buff it onto the surface, rinse it off with hot water and your lights will be as good as new. For long-lasting clarity, grab a bottle of UV sealant from Amazon and apply it once you’ve de-fogged those lenses.

Supply your engine with more suck to produce a better squeeze, bang and blow

One of the simplest jobs to maintain the performance of your car’s engine is to swap out the air filter for a high-flow aftermarket filter.

Over time, a standard paper filter will clog up with contaminants and airflow to the engine’s inlet manifold will be reduced, decreasing the power and efficiency of the motor. Change to a cleanable and higher performance filter and you’re engine will breathe better and for longer.

Does your car absolutely reek? Here’s the solution

Do you have a smelly cabin? A damp, mouldy odour can easily permeate your car’s every pore, and the easiest way to get rid of it is to place a bowl of coffee beans or freshly roasted ground coffee on the backseat overnight.

The coffee absorbs any nasty smells and will have your pride and joy smelling like a Costa in no time.

If you hate coffee, there’s another way

If you hate the smell of coffee too, then you should consider swapping your car’s cabin filter for a better quality one.

The best filters are washable and reusable instead of cheap paper and help keep out mould, dust, mildew and any other nasty pollutants, stopping them from entering the air within the cabin.

Do you have any quirky car maintenance tips that we could all benefit from knowing about? Spread your wisdom in the comments below!

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