5 Facts About the 911 Only True Porsche Fans Will Know

Hagerty classic car insurance found us this 911, and it's gorgeous.

3y ago

Without a strong cup of coffee, it’s hard to think of what to say about the 911 that doesn’t involve the words ‘Marmite, tail-happy or SCHNELL!”. It’s as timeless as ever. Unique and in many ways, irreplaceable. Hagerty knows this, and so it was no surprise that as part of shooting some content for their new website, in the line-up was an immaculate Porsche 911 SC from Tuthill Porsche.

Quite the specimen, it’s an extremely low mileage car with special order paint, plus a few tasteful mod-cons such as a Bluetooth radio. The dark green colour and removal of the whale tail offers an understated, silky-smooth stance that we couldn’t get enough of. Turns out Hagerty sure know how to rustle up a decent car or two - a side effect of everyone at Hagerty being waist-deep in the classic car world themselves.

Anyway, to accompany this smattering of pictures, we’ve trawled the internet for our favourite facts about the 911 you (probably) never knew.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the 911...

1. Asymmetrical door mirrors

A little thing I know, but if you look closely at the 911, the passenger side mirror is mounted further back on the car than the driver's side. It’s hard to spot unless you know, and once you do, you can't unsee it.

2. It wasn’t going to be called the 911

Initially, it was destined to be called the 901 instead of 911, but Pegeuot got a bit stroppy stating that “vous ne pouvez pas appeler un 901 parce que nous utilisons le système numéro-zéro-nombre à Pegeuot” or something along those lines. Makes sense really.

3. There’s something horsey going on

Look closely at the Porsche logo and you’ll see a horse. It’s taken from Stuttgart’s coat of arms, where Porsche was founded 86 years ago. Apparently, Ferrari uses that same horse. Sources state that the Italian car brand adopted the horse as a symbol of good luck after an Italian airman who painted the emblem on his WW1 plane. This airman is thought to have adopted it himself after shooting down a German aircraft, presumed to have flown from Stuttgart. The Italian pilot ended up getting killed quite young, so um, deduce from that what you will.

4. The 911 had a baby brother

Think 911 and you immediately think ‘flat 6’. And with good reason. That flat 6 engine has been the mainstay for that Porsche shape we all know and love, but at one point that Porsche shape also gave birth to a much tamer entry-level car called the 912. Looking much the same as the 911 on the outside, it instead featured a four-cylinder engine. It was only available from ‘65-’69.

5. The 911 was nearly axed in the late seventies

It was meant to be replaced by the 928, but people still wanted to buy them, so Porsche kept making them. Beautifully, evolution is a vital part of the 911's story - its original design still flowing through to today's model. Nice work chaps.

Have you got any cool facts about the 911?

Many thanks to the folks at Hagerty for this one: www.hagertyinsurance.co.uk

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  • Due to the 911 being rear engined. Porsche engineers actually found that the early cars were faster around the Nürburgring in reverse gear. In 1968 the little known Porsche test-driver Hans Madeup set an astonishing bridge to gantry time of 5 minutes 12 seconds in a two year old 911T going backwards with no oversteer whatsoever. FACT.

      3 years ago
  • Great read! Always been a dream of mine to own a 964, but the prices have rocketed :( Alright if you already own one though I suppose. Are these your photos? Really enjoyed them :)

      3 years ago
  • Excellent article! This is what I expect from DriveTribe, not all the bull that has been running lately.

    Congrats sir.

      3 years ago
  • Nice article, is worth mentioning the way in which it was saved and giving our thanks for the man for did it. Got to admire the method also.


      3 years ago
  • 930 had a version with pop-up headlights, named "Slant Nose".

      3 years ago