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5 Fastest GTRs In The World Right Now

2y ago


If you've been following the #GTR scene, you already know that these cars can go absurdly fast. How fast you ask? Fast enough to hold world records in ½ and ¼ mile with times ranging from the lower 7 seconds to the amazing 6 second mark. Car enthusiasts around the world have created teams which compete in building the #fastest GTRs that the world has ever seen, and they’re doing a great job at it. Below is a list of 5 fastest GTRs that are currently active.

1. Alpha G by AMS performance

The owner of the car, Gidi, is a well known figure in the world of epic speeds and he has a few world records for speed under his belt. With his #R35 GTR, which sports over 3000 hp and 60 lbs boost, he made the ¼ mile record of 6.937 seconds. This record was made during the TX2K 2017, using running slick tires, with completely removed interior. AMS performance can now proudly say that they have the fastest GTR in the world.

2. ETS #Nissan GTR

Second on the list is Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) R35 GTR driven by Lucas English from English Racing. ETS held world records back in 2015 and many teams did manage to improve their cars and beat ETS at winning the title of the fastest car.

However, English Racing came back with new modifications to their car and managed to do a 7.012 seconds run at 209 mph. Running a 2,500 hp beast they managed to set a record for the fastest of all on a ¼ mile with 213.42 mph.

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3. Alpha Logic Nissan GTR

Coming in from Dubai and creating a lot of commotion for a newcomer, the Alpha Logic is enjoying its status of being among the top 3 contenders for holding the title of the fastest GTR in the world.

Owner, Rob Harper, holds the ½ mile record with a speed of 248.33 mph. Moreover, the car’s personal best is 7.057 seconds at the moment. T1R 3.8 “stage 6” engine turned these impossible speeds into a reality and the owners will undoubtedly try to squeeze more juice out of this monster.

4. Ekanoo Racing Nissan GTR

This well known team really needs no introduction since they held a world record for over a year using the R35 platform. The T1 Race modified car was their favorite project which enjoyed its long dominance in the field of GTRs, however they recently decided to retire their pet project with a personal best of 7.085 seconds at 213.27 mph.

This feat was accomplished by Mohammed Zainalabedin. Output of this car was unknown but it was speculated that it went a bit over the 2200 hp mark. People close to the scene are speculating that Ekanoo has a new project in their sights and one which will surely amaze the world.

5. Alpha K by Alpha Logic

Last but not least is the second car by Alpha Logic, named after Khalif Ali, the driver of this impressive beast. This GTR covered in black carbon holds a personal best of 7.093 seconds at 205 mph. Though fairly new, this car managed to gain a respective place in the racing circles, thanks to the AMS turbo kit, T1 Race fuel and MoTeC M1 tune. No one knows for sure what the development path will be for this car since Alpha Logic has a title contender in its ranks.

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These five amazing cars round up our list of 5 fastest GTRs in the world. Though initially announced as “un-tunable”, the R35 platform has since been hacked by numerous teams and enthusiasts, showing us what this platform can really do. It will be interesting to track the scene and see who comes out on top and will there be any new records during this year.


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