5 fun holiday gifts for the Seaman in you

Get your sock stuffing this holiday at the official Clarkson, Hammond, and May store

1y ago

Get your sock stuffing at the official Clarkson, Hammond, and May store

It's not too late to fill that sock! Celebrate your passion for Clarkson, Hammond, and May with our top merch picks.


It's sticky. The more you have, the more you can glue around. Click here to get yours.

4 - "Oh, Cock" T-Shirt

Oh, Cock is my favourite and I hope to be surprised with one this holiday. Get yourself an Oh, Cock T-Shirt here.

3 - The CHM Classic Mug

Nothing like some warm milk to start (and end) the day. Get your mug here.

2 - "How hard can it be?" coasters

These motivational coasters will get you going when you're down. Buy your set here.

1 - "Crikey, it's the rozzers!" T-shirt

This article will get me fired unless you buy this T-shirt here.

Want to see what else we have in our big red holiday sac?

Visit The Official Clarkson, Hammond, and May Store.

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