5 great cars you can buy for the price of an iPhone 12 Pro Max

You'll be shocked by some of these finds!

8w ago

Before thinking about buying a brand new shiny iPhone 12 Pro Max, why not consider some of the cars you csn buy for the same price?

It is amazing just how many interesting cars you can buy for the price of a new iPhone here in the UK. I would be kicking myself if I had just bought a brand new gold iPhone 12 Pro Max for £1399 and were reading this article...sorry Tim Rodie.

So, here are five cars I found on AutoTrader which you could buy instead of a brand new iPhone.

5. Audi A2 - from £900

Now, I know what you're thinking but just hold your hate comments for a second. The Audi A2 is actually far better than you might think. I went into great depths about this in a debate with John Coleman, but let me some that up for you.

Not only is the A2 stylish, but it also achieves excellent MPG with over 94mpg if you get the 1.4L TDI engine. And you can have all this from £900 according to what I found on AutoTrader.

4. Mercedes S-Class - from £1,100

The W220 S-Class may not be the most modern of luxury barges, but it does a pretty good job at depreciating. This 15 year old Mercedes might just be what you need in your life.

Sure, it may not be the most reliable car in the world, but it'll be more reliable than some. Rust is usually a big issue with these and you are likely to have a bit on one of these but if you are just wanting a luxury vehicle you don't really care about, then get one of these.

3. Skoda Octavia - from £700

A Skoda Octavia may just be the perfect way to get some great fuel efficiency while maintaining some dignity. The saloon or estate variants are both great looking cars and you can even get a ratty vRS for less than a brand new iPhone.

Get the diesel if you want some great hyper-miling fun, but otherwise I'd just stick with the petrol one which will pack a little bit of a punch.

You can pick one up for arounf £1,000 and I would look around the mark if you want a tidy one.

2. Mazda MX-5 - from £1,000

The mk2 MX-5 is often revered as being one of the most fun budget sports cars money can buy, which is precisely why it has made it onto this list.

A decent one of these can be picked up for as little as £800 but you would be better off spending a little more to make sure you don't get one too out of shape. Just over £1,000 should do the trick.

There really doesn't seem to be much better performance on the road than one of these for the price. Oh wait, the next one is a banger and a half...

1. Ford SportKA - from £600

I know it says you can get one for as little as £600 but it is somewhat true. There is one currently up for sale at £599 but this is very rare. A high mileage one is usually closer to £1,000 but if you like what you see, then jump on that deal while it's still there.

The SportKA is something quite close to my heart as I owned a regular KA and always lusted after one of these, in fact I still do.

If you want a little luke-warm hatchback for some B-road fun then you really can't go wrong with the agile little SportKA or maybe you would prefer its convertible brother: The StreetKA?

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