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5 Greenlight series you should buy this Holiday Season

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K​ings Of Crunch

K​ings of crunch is a newer addition to the fine collection of Greenlight Authentic diecast replicas. They offer everything from Custom trucks to "celebrity" and world famous monster trucks that ruled the kingdom of Monster trucks. They offer trucks with smaller tires and trucks with bigger tires. In fact they have the world famous bigfoot #5 f-250 That took the world by storm back in the day. All trucks have different features such as different supercharger scoops, hoods, bumpers, roll bars, lift kits, lights and much more. They even have three different scales being 1/18, 1/43 and 1/64.

G​reenlight 1996 Ford f250 #5

G​reenlight 1996 Ford f250 #5


T​his long lived series includes anything from service tow trucks, to Parcel/delivery trucks. Some of the liscenses include International , Ford, USPS, UPS, Fleetwood, Michelin, shell and many more. These are often portrayed as revs and commercial vehicles making this series very unique and different from what other brands offer. All trucks are highly detailed and some have opening features. They are a must have for people who have large diets dioramas!

G​reenlight latsest HD trucks series

G​reenlight latsest HD trucks series

H​itch and tow

T​his is one of the most successful series ever produced by Greenlight. One of the longest lasting as well. This series is great because not only do you get classic cars , trucks and jeeps you get a trailer as well. Trailers include different variations of flat bed trailers, boats(rarely), campers and toy haulers and car trailers. there is also emergency vehicle cars/trucks and trailers that would fit in your collection. The only problem with this set is you will struggle to decide what you want.(so many options)

G​reenlight Hitch and tow series 15

G​reenlight Hitch and tow series 15

B​lue Collar

N​ow this set is one of my personal favorites! This is the work vehicles set. If you want an authentic work truck they have got you covered! want a clean and shiny van. They got you covered! want a Volkswagen Tow truck. They got you! They have trucks with snow plows, tool boxes, tow cabales, offroad vehicles and wagons. Lots of licensing to! Including Turtle wax, Marvel Mystery Oil, NYC parks and recreation, Gulf Oil, Ford rotorcraft and so much more. Not to mention a Krispy Creme panel Van!

G​reenlight Blue collar series 6

G​reenlight Blue collar series 6

G​reenlight Hollywood

O​h dear. If you want authentic 1/64 diecast cars from your favorite movie and tv shows there is nothing better than Greenlight Hollywood. To just scratch the surface shows and movies are Graveyard cars, the walking dead, John wick, Gone in 60 seconds, home alone, Ace ventura, Vanishing point and so so so much more!

G​reenlight Hollywood Series 14

G​reenlight Hollywood Series 14



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  • i'm definitely on board with all these GL- now i just have to hunt down proper replacements for the pesky green machines that came in my cases...

      10 months ago


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