5 Killer cars to stay away from while you’re trick-or-treating

As with most things Halloween is another occasion where some go to every extent to be as spooky as possible and others treat it like any other day. See what I did there?

I personally can safely say that I love to hate this day, mainly because I am not a child anymore. As you grow older it seems that some of the worlds magic is lost. For example, it would now be rather likely to be deemed unacceptable for a 22 year old dude to dress up as a Witch and go trick-or-treating. In fact I would probably be arrested. Nevertheless if I was younger again, I’d be all over today.

Many people today will gearing up for a long night of hardcore trick-or-treating ahead, or maybe even heading out to a party. I am here to remind you that the streets are not as safe as they seem on this night, especially whilst there are cars out there ready to kill you.

Here are the top 5 cars that you steer clear from tonight!

5. The evil black Lincoln from The Car (1977)

Near the town of Santa Thea in 1977 a sherif is desperately trying to catch a murderer who drives an all Black 1971 Lincoln Continental. He will find out too late that there is no murderer, instead these victims are falling at the hands of this supernatural evil car!

During filming three of these cars were destroyed but the fourth and last remaining Lincoln remeained intact. There is no doubt it will be cruising the streets tonight.

4. The red Plymouth Valiant from Duel (1971)

Tonight you may want to stay away from any deserted highways. Mainly because if you are caught alone out there, the murderous truck and it’s entirely evil driver will no doubt chase you down and dispose of you!

I for one would not like to see that massive grill in my rear view mirror. It’s said that Spielberg chose the Plymouth Valiant becasue its cabin somewhat resembles a face and a rather terrifying one.

3. The 1951 Packard Funeral Coach from The Hearse (1980)

I think if I saw a hearse on Halloween night I’d probably be a little freaked out anyway. This one is no exception however it doesn’t matter if you see this hearse or not, it only matters if this hearse sees you!

Possessed by witchcraft this demonic hearse and it’s evil driver will slowly stalk its victim before catching and dismembering you!

2. Christine! (1983)

Christine is a car like no other. A 1958 Plymouth Fury that will literally befriend you at first and then make you believe that you should murder some of your friends. Christine is know in the movie industry for being able to buff out her own dents, being entirely evil witha fierce appetite and every now and then bursting into flames.

Like most things, although beautiful to look at Christine has a fair few dark secrets. Tonight is definitely not the night you want to find out what they are!

1. Jeepers Creepers where’d you get them peepers!

Driving around on Halloween night you might not be paying too much attention to your radio, but if you hear this little tune playing it’s already too late for you.

’Jeepers creepers, where’d you them peepers? Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those eyes?’

Hearing that means you are now being hunted by The Creeper in his horrifying Chevy truck. He likes to catch victims and mutilate their bodies, he uses human body parts to patch himself up and worst of all you’ll never see him coming.

Happy Halloween all!

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